MARACHA. Maracha district councilors have asked the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to set measures aimed at controlling the alleged misuse of the district road equipment.

The call follows allegations that road equipment like Tipper Lorries, Water Tankers, and Graders among others are being used over the weekends for opening roads and transporting river sand, murrum and hard-core aggregates to private construction sites without the knowledge of the accounting officer.

The councilors are now worried that failure to control usage of the road equipment may impact negatively in upgrading the district roads; some of which are currently in a sorry state.

According to Mr. Francis Govule, the Maracha district youth councilor, junior officers in the office of the district CAO are normally found of okaying usage of the equipment without his knowledge.

But Mr. Charles Waga, the Oleba sub-county councilor believes that setting tough council resolutions to control the usage of the district assets especially the machinery would end the menace.

“I want to inform the CAO that when he is not here, these equipment have been abused particularly over weekends. This lorry does not rest, if I had a smartphone I would show pictures of these road equipment being abused for private businesses,” Mr. Waga said.

Mr. Bosco Asea, the councilor representing Oluvu Sub County said the report they are giving is from the people who elected them in office.

“People are watching usage of the road equipment for molding bricks privately in my area. The murrum meant for our roads are also been sold to private individuals. If the machines are hired who is receipting their money?” Asea asked.

Mr. William Drimbaku, the councilor for Nyadri Sub County accused the district executive committee (DEC) of contributing to the mismanagement of the roads equipment claiming they sometimes, permit their usage in private projects.

However, Mr. Lawrence Adiga, the Maracha district chairperson rubbished the claim, saying DEC is equally concerned about the way the machines are used, which prompted them to come up with a report.

Adiga stated that after receiving extracts of the minutes in which the council passed a resolution on the usage of assets in the last council meeting, he has written to the CAO to enforce it beginning from this month.

Meanwhile Mr. Joseph Lomongin, the Maracha district CAO explained that he always lends the equipment out for genuine purposes but if they are mismanaged or abused, he is going to be very strict in following the guidelines this time around.

The district roads equipment, according to the guidelines, are meant to be used for district road works and sanitation-related activities only.

Some of the roads in Maracha district including Uganda-DRC border road and other district and community access roads are not in good condition despite the presence of the district roads equipment as officials often cry of lack of fuel.