MARACHA. An official from the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology has appealed to teachers implementing Early Grade Reading (EGR) program in Maracha district to be committed to their work so as to brighten the future of children.

Mr Wilber Wanyama, the principal education officer for primary teachers’ education made the appeal while addressing 165 P.3 teachers from over sixty primary schools from Maracha district during the opening of a four day refresher training at Arua core Primary Teachers’ College early this week.

His appeal follows the discovery by the different groups supervising the EGR program indicating that some teachers are still underperforming.

EGR is a program aimed at improving reading and writing in local languages across Uganda.

Wanyama condemned the mess he found in Cubiri primary school in Oluvu Sub-County where the first teacher reported to school at 9am, adding that out of the seven trained EGR teachers, one reported to school after short break only to poorly teach an English lesson without lesson plan.

P.3 teachers

He warned that the Ministry is already coming up with a strategy to punish dishonest teachers by directing the district through education service commission to delete their names off payroll and recall their registration certificates so that they are expelled from the teaching profession.

He said no teacher is bigger than Uganda by sabotaging the EGR program introduced after finding out that a child who learns to read with comprehension and write will pass Primary Leaving Examination even without comprehensive teaching provided there are enough books and resources in the schools.

The principal of Arua core PTC, Mrs Florence Gelenga said there is no reason for the stakeholders in Maracha district to mess up the implementation of the program since they were the first to be trained in Uganda.

Gelenga said they are going to leave no stone unturned by identifying underperforming teachers and those who are excelling because the program may provide a basis for laying good foundation for children to pass PLE.

She recognized best performing teachers who included; Juliet Ceniru from Bura primary school, Christine Ayakaka and Knight Abiru among others with certificates during the training.

Mr Kefa Anguandia Draku, the Maracha district inspector of schools commended the Ministry for making Maracha an EGR pilot district and urged teachers to pay maximum attention to the program so as to correct their mistakes after the training.

During the training, Ms Rose Munduru, a tutor at Arua core PTC heading physical education department took the participants in reading names and sounds of the 45 Lugbarati letters of alphabet some of which are compromised in daily speaking of the language.

Mr Geoffrey Yamamvayo, a teacher from Gbulukua primary school in Oluvu Sub-County expressed happiness saying the refresher training will make them improve on their teaching techniques for better results.

He however, said failure to deliver reference books matching up with the program for primary three is still a big challenge.