MARACHA. A sub-county health official of Oleba health centre III has appealed to locals to keep hygiene and avoid eating anything while in funerals and public events.

Mr Moses Wadri said by keeping hygiene, contamination of what we eat will be safe and protection of oneself.

“Very simple things like washing hands after going to the toilet, cleaning babies or before eating help to avoid bacterial food poisoning, the communities should take care and make sure that those handling food in funerals and events should be clean”, Wadri stressed.

He gave the message while discharging the last two suspected food poison victims at the health unit on Tuesday.

He regretted the death of two of the victims in shrines of traditional healers when health facilities are open for 24hrs.

A total of eight people mainly women ate the contaminated food during the funeral of late Luja Obiru held in Mundru Village Mundru parish in Oluffe sub-county but Ms Joyce Drijaru and Ms Palma Afekuru died from the suspected poisoning.

Other victims who survived include Mr Peter Leku 20 and Ms Anzila Maturu 43, all residents of Wudhu village Bangu parish, Oleba Sub County.

Mr Serefino Buga husband of the deceased Joyce Drajiru said they ignorantly decided to send her for treatment from the traditional healer at Nayala after drugs bought from a clinic in Godoa trading centre were ineffective.

80-year-old Rejina Ocitiru was discharged in the morning while Ms Roza Adakuru, 70 was released in the evening.

The victims visibly appeared to be in pain and weak although they claimed to have registered improvement.

Ms Adakuru said the food which caused problems was served for them in the evening but because they were satisfied they decided to keep it over the night and ate the cold food in the morning before their departure.

“I survived because I ate a small amount of the food, our friends who collapsed on the way before reaching home but for us, we first reached home before we started feeling stomach ache, diarrhoea, vomiting and fever”, Adakuru stated.

The North Western police spokesperson Ms Josephine Angucia said police in the district are investigating the circumstances that led to the death of the two victims.

“This incidence was reported to police by Mr Franco Anguma, statements are being recorded from the surviving victims and samples of the postmortem have been submitted to government Chemist”, Angucia stated.

According to a medical report, the victims were treated from gastro-internalities with antibiotics after testing them positive with E. coli infection.