MARACHA. Locals of Robu village in Pabura parish, Maracha district have asked their district officials to fence off Rokoze quarry site where a Chinese construction company, CICO used to excavate stones for the construction of 92km Vurra-Arua-Oraba road.

After completion of the road, Rokoze quarry site turned into a man-made lake which is now a death trap for the locals mainly the children.

Ms Kadijah Radia, a resident of Robu village, Pabura parish said children from the neighbouring primary schools have liked swimming in the pool despite several warnings of possible drowning.

"We want this water to be fenced because recently a child drowned in it and died. If there is a fence around the water with somebody to control the entrance, it will block children from swimming in it hence minimizing risks of dying,” Radia said.

Ms Cecilia Amaniyo, another resident of the same village noted that the surrounding area of the pool has continued to occasionally sink during rainy season posing more threat to children and locals.

"The pool is dangerous to us but the only solution is to have it fenced if we are to avoid more cases of death here,” Amaniyo demanded.

"We are planning to sit down with the officials of CICO and the district to agree on the best way to secure the site for the safety of the local population," said Mr Philliam Bakole, the chairperson representing Rokoze community.

Bakole observed that locals have continued to visit the site to get stones and stone dust left by CICO, an act he said is endangering the lives many.

But when contacted, Mr Lawrence Adiga Ozubia, the Maracha district chairman said the district is still waiting for response from CICO on what is to be done about the man-made lake at Rokoze before the site is officially handed over to the district.

"We are aware of the demand to erect a fence around the man-made lake at Rokoze but we are waiting to hear CICO’s stand on the matter since the site still belongs to them,” said Adiga.

He said as district, they have for the meantime, condemned the site for any activity until the right time comes.

Meanwhile Mr David Drate, the CICO project Administrator said the company is in touch with the district leadership to see how the place can be restored for a better economic activity.

Drate said the biggest concern of the company is the safety of the people staying around the site.

"The pool is useful to both the district and the community in terms of availability of water for domestic use, fishing and for animal consumption. CICO in collaboration with the district is now planning to put in place all the necessary safety measures at the site," Drate said.