MARACHA. The bishop of Madi and West Nile diocese Rt. Rev Charles Collins Andaku has been hailed for promoting female clergy to higher positions in the diocese.

Arua deputy resident district commissioner (DRDC) Ms Alice Akello Opio hailed the bishop for giving equal opportunities and affirmative action in appointing females in high positions in the church.

This follows a week after induction and installation of new Archdeacon of Maracha Rev Can Alice Adakuru Bayo bringing the number of female archdeacons in the diocese to two after Vurra Archdeacon Ven Can Grace Tayua.

“I want to thank God because he has endowed our bishop with the spirit of anointing women to be Archdeacons, when I was growing up, we would only see men preaching in churches, it is a different story her now, I want to thank God for my sister Ven Can Alice, may God bless you, we are all behind you”, Opio stated.

She urged the civil servants, politicians and presidential appointees to join the preachers to spread the Gospel because they are all appointed by God to manage resources to sustain mankind.

Her counterpart, Maracha RDC Ms Esther Soet said it is always worthy to reward faithful people like the installed new Maracha Arch Deacon.

Ven Can Bayo Alice who before served as Vicar at St Phillips church Arua was in November 2018 appointed by the staff and advisory board of the diocese to head Maracha Arch deaconry replacing retired Ven Can Alex K Adroni.

The new archdeacon Ven Can Grace Bayo also thanked the Bishop for his visionary leadership.

“I was totally humbled by his choice of me; thank you bishop, God should bless you because you don’t consider any special gender but you consider all gender equally”, Rev Can. Bayo stated.

She pledged holistic transformation of the Christians in the archdeaconry during her rein using Jesus’ example in Luke 2:52 in which he made people grow bodily, spiritually, socially and economically.

“We shall be people-focused, build their capacity so that they can reach others to follow Christ diligently, we will have home and institutional visits, encourage bible study which is the handbook for every transformation”, Rev. Can. Alice explained.