MARACHA. A resident of Lamila Nyoo village, Rikabu parish in Oluvu sub-county, Maracha district is under protection at Maracha central police station (CPS) after his relatives attempted to lynch him.

Mr Polino Atodri Asea was rescued by the police when the crowd began pelting stones in an attempt to kill him during a community dialogue.

The community had accused Mr Asea of bribing police with shs200, 000 to torture to death Mr Mudesto Andama at Ataro police post on Christmas Eve, an allegation Asea and the police vehemently denied.

The deceased had earlier been detained at Atoro police post after Asea accused him of failing to pay a balance of shs70, 000 emanating from the 35 eucalyptus trees he bought from him two years ago.

“I reported the case to the police because the deceased refused to appear before the elders and the local councils (LCs) to resolve the problem. I am sick and needy, where will I get money to bribe the police to torture someone? Why are they reducing the number of animals they took away to eight cattle and four goats when they took ten herds of cattle and six goats?” Asea asked.

But Mr Hassan Hiwumbire, the Maracha district police commander (DPC) said the suspect committed suicide, adding that all police officers on duty that day were arrested.

“The post-mortem report shows that the deceased died of hanging in the police cell. I detained the police officers on duty due to negligence and released them on police bond to appear before the police disciplinary court. The file against the deceased is in Kampala for further investigations,” Hiwumbire stated.

After his demise, the community out of anger took some herds of cattle and goats from Asea labeling him ‘a betrayer.’

It is for this reason that the Tuesday dialogue at Eliofe catholic chapel was organized by the area Member of Parliament (MP) Mr Denis Lee Oguzu in an attempt to solve the matter.

Dennis Lee Oguzu 09 01 20Maracha MP Denis Lee Oguzu consoles the daughter of the deceased who was surrendered to be looked after by the relatives

However, trouble started when Asea and his accusers failed to agree on the number of cattle forcefully taken by the relatives of the deceased.

Whereas Asea claimed that ten herds of cattle and six goats were taken, the community members alleged that eight cows and four goats were taken.

A furious Mr Evadio Ngaka, the paternal uncle of the deceased accepted to replace the animals on condition that Asea produces the deceased alive.

“We used to attend funerals together with Asea but he failed to turn up for this funeral which is a clear sign that he betrayed our son. Who is going to compensate for the burial expenses?” Ngaka charged.

In the process, the MP who chaired the dialogue and Maracha district chairperson Mr Lawrence Adiga were booed by the crowd in the escalating last stages of the dialogue as they condemned the intention to kill as revenge.

Maracha district internal security officer Mr Samuel Surundu later said due to lack of cooperation, few of the aggrieved family members will be invited to settle the matter at Maracha CPS where the accused has pitched camp.

Samuel Surundu 09 01 20Maracha DISO Mr. Samuel Surundu condemning mob action during the dialogue meeting at Eliofe.

Oluvu sub-county is one of the sub-counties in Maracha district where cases of murder due to mob action are rampant.