MARACHA. The commissioning of the new Eucharistic centre at St Stephen Catholic chapel Onzilabori has been welcomed by the Christians in Maracha parish, Maracha district.

Most of the Christians we talked to said the opening of the new Eucharistic centre on Thursday has brought services closer to them.

Mr Gasper Angutia, the zone leader Ambekua who managed the chapel at the time when he was still the zone leader of Miridri said the Eucharistic centre is a blessing for the Christians of Onzilabori.

“They kept my advice to work hard and as a result, they have renovated their church to be one of the best churches in Lodonga deanery which has now paid dividends”, Angutia stated.

Mr Isaac Ezama, the Maracha parish clerk stated that the opening of the new Eucharistic centre shows the level of cooperation between the Christians and the clergy.

He thanked the parish priest for providing a good link with the Bishop to grant more Eucharistic centres.

Ms Agnes Oguaru, one of the Christians said the Eucharistic centre is going to motivate more Christians to receive sacraments.

“People here were disrespectful but now I thank God for giving another Eucharistic centre in Miridri zone which I believe will change our lives to be good Christians. God should give strength especially for couples to enter into the sacrament of matrimony to bring change in this area,” Ms Oguaru stressed.

The Episcopal Vicar of Lodonga Mgrs Mathias Miria on behalf of Arua Catholic Diocese Bishop Sabino Ocan Odoki cleansed the church and gave tough rules to be followed in the Eucharistic centre.

“From today, this church is holy. Exhibit maximum reverence when you’re inside, you are not allowed to convene meetings, stay and sleep here unless you gather of overnight prayers”, Miria guided.

Miria who was pleased with the level of enthusiasm among the Christians said it is a good thing for the Eucharist to be in the community because the faithful will receive it anytime than only when the priest fixes an outreach program.

“This Eucharist should strengthen us to run away from sin because God cares for every need of his followers that is why the Bishop was touched to open it,” Miria explained.

He appealed to the seven couples who received sacraments of matrimony and 34 candidates confirmed during the commissioning to be a foundation of faith in the new Eucharistic centre by mobilizing others to serve the Lord.

Miria advised the Christians to work hard in their homes to generate income to provide basic needs for their family and develop the church.

Fr Aqulino Acidri, parish priest of Maracha commended the Christians for the cooperation exhibited which he said has made it possible to elevate Onzilabori chapel to the status of a Eucharistic centre.