MARACHA. Maracha district council has passed a resolution to recognize the deceased 79 years old senior surgeon Dr Andrew Vuni to be recognized in the district and nationally as a hero.

According to the councilors, the deceased who served people in the hospital for 33 years should be nominated as a national hero, build a monument at the hospital, hang his portraits in all offices of the district and name a road in Maracha town council in his name.

The council passed the resolution during the second special council meeting held at the district council hall in the evening of Tuesday to pay tribute to the deceased who died on Sunday morning.

The councilors described the deceased as a servant with high integrity, dedicated, principled and disciplined staff who maintained professional code of ethics.

“He served here in the hospital for 33 years without taking leave, adhered to serve with meager salaries and allowances without opening a clinic making him always available for emergencies,” the councilors recalled.

The councilors noted that Dr Vuni was committed, honest and his mercy and love for humanity made the catholic founded hospital to provide distinguished service delivery hence attracting patients who required specialized operations in the whole of West Nile region.

According to the medical report, the senior surgeon died from kidney failures resulting from multiple infections including hypertension, sugar diabetes and liver cancer.

Residents of Ovujo trading centre, where the hospital is based, ever since Dr Vuni started working in the hospital, he has been loyal and receptive to all categories of people.

“We had very high hope and confidence when a patient who required an operation is in his hands, he is irreplaceable”, different people explained.

The former administrator and CEO for Maracha hospital Ms Asumpta Mary described the deceased as a dedicated Doctor who loved consultation from the books before carrying an operation to avoid errors.

“He is a mentor and assertive and I have reached this level because of his guidance especially when the hospital entered into financial crisis, he gathered all the staff saying their work is a service given by God,” Ms Assumpta added.

According to Fr Cyril Adiga Nakari, the deceased is a man who dedicated his life for the service of humanity in Maracha hospital.

Dr Vuni, a former army doctor during Iddi Amin government began working in the hospital after finishing four years jail term when he was arrested by liberation fighters who ousted the Iddi Amin led government in 1979.

He completed his P1-P4 at Odupi primary school in 1952-1955, junior in 1958-1959 at St. Charles Lwanga Koboko, O-level 1960-1963 at St. Aloysius College Nyapea, A-Level in 1964-1965 at St. Mary’s college Kisubi.

He was among the third set of students who completed Bachelors in medicine and surgery from Makerere University in1970.

He was a class mate of the Vice of president of Uganda Mr Edward Kiwanuka SSekandi and started working in Moyo hospital after completion of the university in 1971.

In the same year, he joined the Uganda Army and was given the rank of Captain as a medical doctor and worked in the military barracks of Bondo, Mbuya and Masindi and then promoted to the rank of Major and worked together with Lt Colonel Obitre Gama and Miria Sila up to the time when the Amin regime was ousted in 1979.

He was imprisoned in Luzira Prisons together with the other ex-soldiers of the Amin Regime, and he was later released in 1983 and went to live with his cousin, the former commissioner for prisons late Joseph Etima.

From 1983-1984, he worked in Rubaga hospital as a medical doctor and the first bishop of Arua catholic diocese late Angelo Tarantino requested him to come and work in St. Joseph’s Hospital Maracha with German doctors.

He dedicated his life to serve humanity till his death on the 18th November 2018.

Because of his selfless service for all the years, the Holy father Pope Francis on the 16th April 2018 cordially imparted apostolic blessings to Dr Andrew Vuni and the family.