MARACHA. Maracha district councillors have failed to agree on a recommendation by the district executive committee to redistribute funds under Primary Health Care (PHC) to four new uncoded health units.

The executive committee in their recommendation presented by the secretary for social services Ms Judith Bako, wanted the available primary health care for coded health units in the district be redistributed to allow National Medical Stores to supply drugs for four new non coded health units in Maracha East constituency.

The councilors from Maracha constituency opposed the recommendation claiming that it will affect service delivery for the people in Maracha constituency since supply of drugs in health units is determined by the population.

“Unless the council includes the elevation of Oluvu health centre III to health centre IV, we will not allow the redistribution to be done because this will not be balanced allocation of resources in the district since Maracha East will be having a health centre IV in the town council”, one councillor reacted.

The new health centres which are not yet coded but have been completed and are ready to used include Liko from Oleba, Odupiri from Tara, Amanipi from Yivu sub counties and Maracha town council health centre IV in Maracha town council.

The speaker of the council Mr Emmanuel Wani was forced to suspend Mr Bosco Asea, the councilor for Oluvu sub-county for one council sitting on grounds that he attempted to influence his (Speakers’) ruling after getting technical guidance about the recommendation by becoming emotional.

Bosco Asea 05 10 18Mr Bosco Asea, the suspended councilor of Oluvu sub-county speaks during the council session.

The speaker reacted angrily when the chairperson for social services committee Mr Francis Govule matched out of the council meeting to show solidarity to the suspended councilor.

“The chairperson for social services committee has decided to walk out from the council, we are not going to resolve the recommendation from the social services committee, male councilor representing Oluvu sub-county will not attend the council sitting coming up in October unless he apologizes, the rules are clear, any councilor who doesn’t attend council must not be paid his or her allowances”, the speaker ruled.

The district health Officer Dr Paul Onzubo said his department advised the executive to make the recommendation after the ministry of health in response to the demands to code the new health units advised the district to redistribute the available PHC funds to all the 17 health units to ensure uniform health service delivery.

A section of members of the public who witnessed council proceedings described the councilors who disagreed with the motion as selfish and immature in politics.

Onzubo said the temporary decision which required council blessing would have normalized next financial year when the ministry of health secures funds to code the new health units.

Items on the order paper during the meeting that were not tackled included motion seeking for approval of the proposed administrative units of Maracha town council, Yivu sub-county and Nyadri sub county.