MARACHA. The leaders of Maracha district have pledged to support infrastructural development in Obutava community vocational school based in Abidro village, Aroi parish.

The commitment was one of the key outcomes of a heated meeting that brought together the parents, teachers and district officials.

In attendance were the principal assistant chief administrative officer, Ms Francesca Candiru, the in charge of special needs education, Mr Richard Oloya and the secretary for social services, Ms Judith Bako.

Mr Valerio Aliga, the chairperson of the board of governors expressed happiness with the officials after the meeting, pointing out that Obutava has been without the attention of Maracha district for a long time.

“We last received support from the district during the regime of the former district chairman, Emmanuel Adripo in 2014. That time the district constructed a VIP latrine and lobbied the Italian Agency for International development cooperation, ACAV to drill a borehole for us,” he recalled.

Aliga said as a result of limited facilities, they were forced to allocate the VIP latrine that was meant to be for the girls to serve the boys.

He disclosed that the Uganda business and technical education board granted examination centre status for Obutava three years ago but the poor infrastructure development has hindered enrolment of a big number of students despite being one of the best technical schools in the district.

The school plans to organise a fundraising occasion this year to facilitate the construction of a three-classroom block, purchase fabrication tables, renovate the Kitchen building and cement the floor of the boy’s dormitory.

However, Candiru acknowledged that there was a need for the district to act quickly owing to the poor condition of the sanitary facilities and the dusty dormitories.

Other issues that were brought to the attention of the officials for possible redress included the renovation of the dilapidated kitchen and poor remuneration of the instructors.

The inspector of schools in charge of special needs education, Mr Richard Oloya who represented the district education officer apologized over the failure by the district to give adequate support to Obutava.

Meanwhile, Bako, whose social services sector oversees both education and health departments blamed Obutava’s predicaments on lack of information from the education department.

But she assured that the district council would look into the request for infrastructure development support since it is in the process of planning for the next financial year.

She congratulated the school administration for providing hands-on knowledge which she said makes the students grow into responsible citizens.
She also commended the students for laying close to 10,000 bricks which will be used to build a class block to accommodate more students.