MARACHA. The Hydraform machine donated by the Government of Uganda to the youths of Maracha district is lying idle at the district Central Police Station (CPS).

The machine was donated in fulfillment of President Yoweri Museveni's pledge to the youths of Maracha in 2011 as an income generating project.

But five years since its donation and delivery at the district, it has not been put to use.

Mrs Judith Bako, the Maracha district Secretary for Social services disclosed that after the delivery of the Hydraform machine, the initiative for software training for the youths has not been done by the government.

As a result, Bako, who is also the female youth councilor, said no single youth in Maracha district had benefited from operating the machine.

But Mr Moses Wadia, an Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) said the district has not been in position to secure funds for training youths on how to operate the machine.

He instead urged parliament to consider allocating funds for training youth on how to use the Hydraform machine so as to serve its purpose.

"I am glad to report that the government handed over the Hydraform machine to us with the aim of alleviating poverty among the youths in the district. But the big task is that the machine arrived without funds for training youths on its usage," Wadia said.

Members of Parliament on the committee of Government Assurance recently expressed surprise after landing on the idle brick making machine in Maracha during their tour of West Nile Region.

"We shall interest ourselves in knowing what really is missing on the Hydraform machine because nothing makes sense if it continues lying idle," said Mr Robert Musoke, the MP for Budiope West County.

Mr Kaps Hassan Fungaroo, the Chairman of the Committee assured the public that they are going to follow up the matter from the office of the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Disaster Preparedness and Refugee Affairs with the aim of finding out why Maracha youths were not trained to use the machine.

He noted that making government properties idle shows wastage of citizens' resources, adding that there is high chance to predict mind of corruption in the whole matter.