MARACHA. At least 39 victims from three households in Ombokoro village, Oleba sub-county in Maracha district who were evicted by a mob over allegations of practicing witchcraft have been resettled in their ancestral homes.

The decision to resettle the victims who were evicted at the beginning of March this year was arrived at after the elders reached an agreement to welcome them in a meeting also attended by district and regional security officials.

The move to resettle the victims was initiated by the resident district commissioner Mr Simon Lolim after the victims endured hard living conditions at their internally displaced camp at Oleba sub-county headquarters for 17 days.

Officials from the sub-county headquarters acknowledged that the victims who were accommodated in the council hall survived on donations of food, clothes and money from good Samaritans and offering labour in exchange for food.

Mr Nathan Ayiko, one of the accused people from the affected family broke into tears while narrating what happened on the night of 5th March, 2018 when the mob descended over the family and destroyed everything including food and houses.

“Several meetings were secretly done by the mob to plan how to approach our evictions. On the fateful day, some women first came to our home and started quarrelling with my sisters before the others engulfed our family members of the three households beating the family members starting with our elderly mother” he narrated.

He claimed that his brothers from the same grandfather are fighting them over land while narrating how they linked different conditions of sick people who died or are crippled through accidents and other sicknesses to his family.

His eldest brother, 55 year old Mr Christopher Anguandia lamented before the security team that “it will be hard to live in our home without proper security because my people are primitive, we survived by God’s mercy since the mob over powered the few security officers comprising UPDF and Police officers who were deployed in the rapid response team on the fateful day”

Anguandia fears that the future of the family is going to be affected eternally as they lost every household property in the incidence making it hard for their children to go to school.

displaced personsSome of the displaced persons in Maracha match to their homes. PHOTO BY GEOFFREY ANGUPALE

Despite being cautioned by the leaders against taking law into their hands, to forgive and reconcile, the disgruntled members of Ombokoro clan continued to chant slogans to mobilize the community to rise against the victims which made the heavily deployed joint police and UPDF officers to apprehend three suspects including a woman identified as Rose Adia, who said she would forgive the victims unless her deceased daughter resurrects.

The North western regional police Commander Mr Jonathan Musinguzi immediately ordered for her arrest and said he will supervise her prosecution for inciting violence

He pledge to charge all those who participated in evicting and destroying properties of the victims despite the recommendations from the elders for the offenders to reconcile and forgive one another without taking action since they are closely related.

The 503 brigade Commander Col Bernard Tuhame said the army will not allow anyone in the country to chase a neighbour as he ordered immediate apprehension of whoever makes a mistake by taking laws in their hands again by disturbing the resettled victims.

Maracha LCV chairperson Mr Lawrence Adiga said the dialogue was the last chance given for the offenders to reform since they are not going to tolerate any one who repeats the mistake of taking law in their hands against.

Maracha Resident District Commissioner Mr Simon Lolim said the security officers including UPDF will be deployed to guard the affected families until when the matter has been calmed.

Mr Sadiq Onama, the Local Council 1 chairperson of Ombokoro village thanks the security team for decisively dealing with the problem that he said had already overwhelmed him and the police in Malaba police post.