MARACHA. Local leaders of Maracha district have organized a special prayer aimed at bringing peace and unity among staff members.

They say that the current misunderstandings in the district need divine intervention.

The Mass held at the district Headquarters on Thursday was presided over by Fr. Constantine Avaga, the Parish Priest of Christ Universal Nyadri Town Catholic Parish.

During the homily, Fr Avaga attributed the continued wrangles in Maracha district offices to low education standards of some technocrats and politicians.

The Cleric advised the staff to consider upgrading their educational status by enrolling in different universities in the country.

This, he said would help them to set common goals as a district so as to focus on efficient service delivery to the people.

The priest later blessed the staff and district property including vehicles and structures.

Fr Avaga blesses trucksFr. Avaga blesses Maracha district trucks during the mass on Thursday. PHOTO BY GEOFFREY ANGUPALE

Mr Lawrence Adiga, the Maracha district Chairman told the congregation that they saw it necessary to give thanks to God for the gift of the district financial resources, vehicles and offices to inspire all the staff to adopt the spirit of unity, peace and reconciliation.

Adiga said the various staff of Maracha district should come out from political, individual and religious differences to spur development in the young district.

He also gave opportunity for the different recognized religions to organize similar prayers for the staff after every three months.

The district secretary for social services, Mrs Judith Bako said the district gives liberty for human resource development through capacity building workshops and study leave which she said people do not want to take advantage of.

She requested that some of the officials who block their staff from upgrading be reported for disciplinary action since the few personnel who have acquired specialized education are excelling in their departments.

State Minister in the office of the Vice President, Mr Alex Onzima recently encouraged Maracha district leaders to love one another, saying lack of peace and unity in the district has greatly affected development.

The recent sacking of former district Engineer Mr George Olega by the Chief Administrative Officer despite being cleared by the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many civil servants who view it as an act of cruelty and malice orchestrated by political heads to fulfill their personal egos.