MARACHA. The organizing committee for the fundraising drive aimed at constructing a three-classroom block at Obutava community vocational school in Aroi parish, Yivu sub-county in Maracha district have called upon leaders to bury their ideological and political differences so as to support such educational projects.

While presiding over the third meeting for the fundraising on Saturday, Mr John Mawa, the chairperson for the fundraising drive said unity among leaders will make it possible to collectively invite key government officials from Kampala.

“The committee should be expanded to accommodate education lovers so that about 125,179,159 million shillings budgeted in the bill of quantity for the block can be collected at the end. So let’s make sure we organize the fundraising with minimum losses,” Mawa remarked.

He appealed for the involvement of the district leaders to popularize the project during different functions.

Meanwhile the Board of Governors chairperson of the school, Mr Valerio Alija said the classroom block is expected to be used for beginning craft certificate courses in the community vocational school from next academic year.

“People are proud when they have good institutions, the moment we start craft courses, we will be above secondary schools because we will become a tertiary institution. So our people around should unite to join hands to make this plan successful next year,” Alija said.

He called the local councils and religious leaders to mobilize the local population to participate in the upcoming fundraising drive.

Mr Godfrey Aziku, the head teacher of the school explained that the different stakeholders should try all avenues to improve the structures in the school since they are losing opportunities to increase the enrolment due to inadequate facilities.

He was impressed with the increased turnout for the preparatory meetings and called on the parents to join the chairman organizing committee by contributing enormously towards the project.

So far, the school has acquired some textbooks and is registered with UNTEB to begin the craft certificate courses on public demand.

But Ms Rose Ayaka, the Maracha district woman Member of Parliament who is mobilizing national stakeholders to attend the fundraising remained optimistic that the school will change the lifestyle of the youths who are loitering in the villages.

Over shs11m was approved by the committee to organize the fundraising in a date that will be approved by the Chief Guest.