MARACHA. Local council (LC) authorities in Aroi parish Yivu sub-county Maracha district have threatened to use force to enforce discipline among minors and rowdy youths causing insecurity along the village roads.

Mr Moses Drici, the LCII chairman of the parish said they plan to merge administrative units at parish level to jointly man operations at night to apprehend suspects taking the law into their hands in the area.

Drici said he was infuriated when a 13year old Primary 5 drop out pupil from Olivu primary school insulted the elders while settling a case in which he was accused with others of assaulting pupils of Olivu primary school.

“If we enter into your village with my team of 88 strong men, the horror we will unveil will exceed the one caused by bullets fired by Tanzanians to oust President Iddi Amini, any person we find loitering and roaming around will be apprehended, we will also apprehend those with poor dressing code and dreadlock hairstyles”, Drici warned.

Mr Moses Drici 26 08 19Mr Moses Drici, the LCII of Aroi parish addressing parents at Olivu Primary schoo.

The juvenile who reportedly threatened to beat another minor younger than him for identifying him among other suspects before the LC’s was beaten by the angry residents before the preliminary investigation session was adjourned.

The gang who were armed with sticks claimed they were policing the area to avoid boy-girl relationships as the pupils were returning from ball games at the beginning of August.

The suspects also laid another ambush for children returning from the inauguration of prefect’s function from Obutava vocational community school in Ambidro village on the second day of their operations.

The LCIII councilor for Aroi parish Mr Yovan Ruku offered justification for applying iron hands to the culprits claiming that the boys have gone out of hand.

“Look at what the young boy has done, the LCs are investigating them and he is charging to beat a girl before us, this is a sign of taking law in his hands, lets join efforts to teach such children a lesson to clean our place to be free from violence in future”, Ruku stressed.

Ms Janet Candiru, a mother to the naughty boy who was beaten said she has tried in vain to accommodate her son in school.

Mr Philliam Bakole a teacher from Olivu primary school said the boy appeared before the disciplinary committee several times before he dropped out of school.

But Mr Philliam Ojama, the deputy headteacher of the school expressed concern over failure by parents to take care of their children.

Parents in the parish have approved the plan saying lawlessness in the hard to reach zone by security officers is taking its toll on the residents.

“We are scared here, the youths staging roadblocks to assault their targets is rampant and many of our children are out of school, we are worried of the future of these youths, we are behind the LCs and will offer them support in their operations”, parents jointly agreed during the meeting.