MARACHA. The MP for Maracha constituency Mr Lee Oguzu’s courtesy visit on Monday rescued Maracha LCV chairman from the siege of a section of angry sub-county councilors.

The councilors stormed the office of the district chairman over non-payment of their honoraria totalling close to UGX 30M for the last financial year.

The councilors who preconceived that their money was mismanaged by district officials failed to listen and became rowdy when Oguzu arrived.

“Let us be calm, I have personally handed a complaint letter to the state minister for Finance Mr David Bahati who pledged to work on your arrears, you either agree to share the 6M already remitted or wait for the response from the ministry,” Oguzu advised.

Oguzu blamed the district officials over failing to inform the MPs over the irregularity earlier so that they would push it in the recent supplementary budget passed.

“I want to categorically say no one has embezzled your money except the money disbursed in the district account was less and it is my plea that the government should prioritize the plight of such vulnerable people”, Oguzu stated.

The district chairman Mr Lawrence Adiga said they as district officials are innocently suffering from the consequences of an error committed by ministry of finance.

“Last financial year 2018/2019, the ministry of finance made a mistake and this was acknowledged by the minister Mr Matia Kasaija, instead of remitting shs29.8million, they only remitted 6.8million leaving a deficit of shs23million, the issue has been highly politicized but it is not our mistake, the only thing is to arrange and meet the minister”, Adiga stated.

Maracha councilorsMaracha councilors walk out of the council premises after the stormy meeting.

The councillor for the elderly person from Maracha town council Mr David Wolo blamed the communication gap as a cause of the mistrust.

“The district authorities failed to explain the truth in our last three follow ups, we thought the money was sent and somebody sat over it, I hope our agreements in this meeting are going to hold,” Mr. Wolo stated.

Ms. Scovia Abiria, the female LCIII councilor for Buramali and Etoko parishes said the failure to pay them had led to collapse of their plans.

“I had planned to use the annual honoraria for laying bricks for constructing a house because we do not have salary but I am worried because it is not certain when the money will be paid, we are tired of being told to be calm, we need our money”, Ms Abiria protested.

Some of the councilors were pessimistic over the way the follow up is done by the district officials as the key stakeholders including the chief administrative officer, the resident district commissioner and district internal security officer were absent in the meeting.