MARACHA. A physics lecturer in Busitema University has condemned the alleged negative attitude by politicians and technocrats towards supporting development projects in the institutions that would benefit communities.

Mr Emirant Amabayo expressed his frustration and anger after allegedly witnessing in several occasions that key politicians and education heads of departments abscond from attending fundraisings organized in schools.

“I have always expressed my disappointment over the attendance of the district officials concerning development in their own communities, some people have become serial absentees in fundraisings, we blame the president for not supporting our development programs yet our selves who are initiators on ground we don’t participate in development activities, we only want to come and seek votes”, Amabayo lamented.

His criticism came while presiding over Obutava vocational school fundraising as chief guest in Yivu sub-county on Saturday.

He challenged the Member of Parliament in the district to emulate their counterparts in Kampala and other regions who mobilize their friends to contribute reasonable amounts of money to support development projects in their constituencies.

“The only way we can support our communities is building schools, churches, and health units, sometimes you send shs 200,000 and shs 300,000 not worth to the votes people give you, in Kampala, the MPs come in fundraisings with their colleagues, they individually contribute a minimum of 2M shillings”, Amabayo explained.

The board governors chairperson of the school Mr Valerio Alija said the only contribution of the district to the institution was the construction of a VIP latrine in 2015 when it partnered with ACAV, a non-governmental organization.

“The district’s response whenever we call them is not pleasing, we are only grateful with the water engineer Mr Timothy Ezati who donated shs 700,000 and in this fundraising he has given shs500, 000, I am also pleading to the education department, CAO’s office and the politicians to support this school”, Alija pleaded.

The headteacher of Obutava vocational school Mr Godfrey Aziku was surprised to collect shs 5.4m shillings and pledges of 40 bags of cement from the few people who attended the fundraiser.

“It is a big surprise for me considering the number of guests who turned up compared to the collection, I am really very glad for the few who really know the significance of technical education”, Aziku stated.

Maracha woman MP Ms Rose Ayaka Atima who contributed shs300, 000 encouraged and congratulated the community for owning the school saying the district officials should come in to guide the administration to access government support.

Obutava community vocational school begun in 2005 with 9 students but has enrolled 223 students this year.

The enrolment has overwhelmed the administrators as the available resources are not enough for them to provide the basic scholastic needs of the students.