MARACHA. Locals in Yivu and the neighbouring Kijomoro sub-counties in Maracha district have tasked their leaders to consider establishing a network of bridges and culverts on rivers and streams for easy accessibility of social services.

The residents advised the government to construct one box culvert bridge on Enyau river to connect the only nearby main evening market at Itia in Katrini sub-county, Arua district and another, across Oluffe river to the people of Ambidro parish in Yivu sub-county.

According to the locals, the construction of the bridges and culverts will also benefit pupils on either side of R.Oluffe to access Olivu primary school in Aroi parish in Yivu sub-county and Ambidro primary school in Kijomoro sub-county.

The residents of late became more concerned after a decomposing body of an unknown woman was recently retrieved behind Balindo bridge by the police. The body was said to have been carried by the flooding river Enyau.

The saddened members of the community now believe that if the bridges are erected, they would prevent such avoidable incidences.

Mr Primo Adomati, the Aroi parish chairperson said the construction of the network of permanent bridges on the rivers and the streams is a necessity since the locally improvised ones have become so weak to be sustained.

Residents 27 08 19Residents help the police to load the decomposing body of an unknown woman into a police patrol vehicle.

“The residents here constructed temporary bridges using eucalyptus poles but they are always being swept by the frequent floods, so the government should boost our efforts by constructing long-lasting bridges and culverts to ensure the safety of the people here,” Adomati said.

He added that people in the area have now resorted to using long routes via Alikua-Midria road to access either side of R.Oluffe for emergencies once it is flooded.

The headteacher of Ambidro primary school in Kijomoro sub-county Mr Pascal Elubo also reminded the different stakeholders in the area about the challenge which makes school attendance low especially when pupils fail to cross the flooded rivers.

A police detective from Maracha district Mr Samuel Ananda who led the operations to retrieve the body of the woman carried by the floods advised the people in the area to monitor the weather very well before crossing to either side of the rivers.

However, reports obtained from Maracha district engineering department indicate that the central government has already earmarked four bridges for construction including one on river Enyau to link Kijomoro sub-county to Katrini sub-county in Arua district.

The bridges will be constructed in a phased manner in the next ten years despite the urgent call from locals.