MARACHA. Teachers in Maracha are considering to quit Uganda National teachers Union (UNATU).

The teachers accused the union of failing to organize a befitting world teachers’ day celebration, negotiate a fair pay rise, unaccounted usage of their monthly subscription and poor working conditions.

Mr Rogers Mundua Kizito, a teacher from Otrutia primary school said the decision is aimed at demonstrating UNATU’s failure to organize transport for far teachers which caused low attendance during the world teachers’ day celebration at Oluffe sub-county headquarters on Saturday.

“Why are UNATU officials in the district not bothered about us despite deducting 1% of our salary per month? How do you expect teachers from Tara and Yivu sub-counties bordering Terego in Arua district to come to this venue less than six kilometres from Uganda-DRC border”, Mundua wondered.

Only one secondary school teacher and less than 700 teachers out of 1000 expected teachers attended the celebrations. 

Mr Mundua also said the teachers are also demoralized because the pay rise UNATU negotiated with the government that appeared in the newspapers is meagre.

Mr Geoffrey Walala, another teacher from Oleba primary school said the UNATU officials from the district should emulate their colleagues of Arua and Yumbe districts who organized transport for their teachers in case they would wish to attract teachers for future celebrations.

Mr Philliam Bakole, a teacher from Olivu primary school said UNATU should revise deductions of subscriptions annually instead of monthly.

But the UNATU branch chairperson for Maracha district Mr. Michael Orio attributes the failure to organize transport for the teachers due to limited funds.

“We received only shs4m from National UNATU union according to the number of teachers in the district, how do you expect us to have the same level of organization with big districts?” Mr. Orio asked.

One of the UNATU executives in the district Mr. Job Aguta, the headteacher of Egamara primary school advised the teachers to be calm since the union is legal and has played a significant role in fighting for their rights.

However, Maracha Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Mr. Joseph Lomongini blamed the poor organization for failure to liaise with the district for logistics.

Judith Bako 08 10 19Ms Judith Bako kneels before teachers who she says made her who she is during the day.