MARACHA. A 3-year-old boy in Worogbo west village, Yivu sub-county in Maracha district is receiving treatment after his step-mother burnt him with fire for allegedly stealing sauce.

Ms Lillian Likico accused the minor of eating the beans she had cooked on Sunday night.

The 22-year-old woman claims that she bought the beans at shs500 and got angered when the boy stole part of it the following day yet her husband doesn’t support the family.

The boy who had all along been in pain at home was burnt in the mouth and other parts of the body as punishment for his action.

But later, relatives got wind of the gruesome act and reported the matter to the village local council officials who intervened by rushing the victim to Abia health centre III where he is currently receiving treatment.

While at the health unit, medical workers diagnosed the boy with severe septic burns in the hands, mouth, ears and all over the head.

The aunt of the victim, Ms Lydia Ajusoru, a teacher at Olivu primary school who reported the case to the LC1 chairperson said she became concerned when she found the child helplessly sitting in pain at home, three days later.

Mr Christopher Matua, the Worogbo west LC1 chairperson who accompanied the suspect together with her husband to Yivu sub-county headquarters condemned the act and advised the residents against criminal acts.

“We are not going to tolerate criminal acts in the village here. I will always forward you to the relevant authorities for the law to take its course before I am blamed,” Mr Matua lamented.

A case reference number SD07/24/07/2009 was registered by police at Yivu sub-county headquarters and the suspect who pleaded guilty was later charged with child abuse and remanded.

Ms Lillian Likico 26 07 19Ms Lillian Likico, the woman who allegedly burnt the minor for eating her sauce. PHOTO BY GEOFFREY ANGUPALE

Mr David Acidri, the father of the child was also detained by the police for failing to take action and treat the victim three days after the incident.

Police said the suspects will soon be produced in court to answer charges preferred against them.