MARACHA. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General, Ms Justine Kasule Lumumba has accused the Maracha East Member of Parliament (MP), Mr James Acidri of turning his back to the ruling party that sent him to Parliamentary.

As a result, Ms Lumumba said Mr Acidri has left the district woman MP, Ms Rose Ayaka struggling alone in lobbying services for the people of Maracha East, a claim Acidri has denied.

Lumumba who was on Friday in the company of Kenneth Omona, the National Deputy Treasurer of NRM party made the remarks at Yivu sub-county headquarters where NRM sub-county chairpersons in Maracha district fronted Ayaka as their NRM sole candidate for the district Woman Parliamentary seat ahead of 2021 general elections.

Acting on behalf of all NRM members in the district, the sub-county party chairpersons also endorsed President Yoweri Museveni as the sole NRM candidate come 2021.

During the function, Lumumba said: "But you people of Maracha, I want you to represent your tribe on principles of both day and night. When you are in Maracha, you chose NRM and when you get to Kampala, you begin joining other forces that never voted you to go to Kampala. If you want to belong to NRM, belong to NRM and if you do not want to belong to NRM, better bring our card and go since it is your freedom."

MP Ayaka 07 12 19MP Ayaka, Lumumba and Omona being welcomed to Maracha in style.

She added that when NRM is taking stock of its members in Kampala after MPs reaching the parliament, some of them start undermining the very NRM hand that sent them to parliament upon which the party always keeps quiet. 

Lumumba noted that inconsistent politicians like Acidri will not make the struggle for the national cake as they may not go to the right people to request, demand and remind the government for extra services on top of what it promises for citizens.

She called upon NRM leaders in Maracha district to hold such leaders accountable for their responsibilities in the community since those in the government are implementing the manifesto of NRM which is in power.

But when contacted for a comment, Mr Acidri said his decision to side with People Power is the operationalization of article 1 of the constitution of Uganda which stipulates that power belongs to people.

"The people of Maracha East categorically stated that they were not interested in amending article 102 (b) which was one of the only safety valves in ensuring democracy in this country and I represented them very well regarding amendment of the constitution. So, when I hear Hon Kasule Lumumba telling my people who told me to go and represent them that I am not NRM, then indeed she has confirmed that there is no NRM in Maracha," Acidri said.

Acidri observed that he changed his mind to put on the red beret which is a symbol of resistance against abuse of the constitution because people in his constituency refused the amendment of the article, adding that he is not contented with the corruption in the NRM system.

Meanwhile Ms Ayaka instead thanks the NRM members in Maracha for entrusting her with the party flagship and pledged not to let them down.

She, however, said the ground is still open for anybody from the opposition to challenge her as she remained optimistic that NRM is ready to win in Maracha by all means come 2021.