MARACHA. The administration of Olivu primary school in Aroi parish, Yivu Sub County in Maracha district is struggling to cope with congestion as the school runs out of classrooms to accommodate pupils.

The school has over 400 pupils from P.1 to P.3 but they are being taught in three classrooms that were designed for 55 pupils each.

Mr Lawrence Nyakuta, the Olivu primary school head teacher said there is urgent need to build new structures and increase the number of teachers if the performance of over 1,400 pupils enrolled this year are to be improved.

"We have eight classrooms in total but one is demarcated to accommodate the head teacher's office, staff room and library and P1-P3 classes need to be double streams so we are limited to create the extra classes," Mr Nyakuta stated.

He was explaining the challenges during a recent meeting of the parents and teachers association.

To emphasise the seriousness of the situation, the school's director of studies Mr Kennedy Adima said the learners sit too close to the chalk board that teachers find it hard to write and move freely inside the classrooms.

The school management committee chairperson Mr Samuel Adriko complained that a report detailing the shortage of classrooms at Olivu primary school was handed to the education department years ago but they failed to forward it to seek the engineering departments' recommendation to advice council.

He appealed to the area councillors to be useful and follow up the matter with the district officials.

Ms Judith Bako the secretaryMs Judith Bako, the secretary for social services for Maracha district local government

Ms Judith Bako, the secretary for social services for Maracha district disclosed that the district council discussed a proposal to construct more classroom blocks at Olivu primary school last year but the plan was dropped because of the conflict over school land fuelled by some parents.

"We will not allocate funds for any infrastructure development at Olivu unless the parents reform," she said.

Ms Bako elaborated that tangible development has eluded this school for the last ten years due to unstable administration where the head teachers were transferred every year until 2016 when the current head teacher took office.