MARACHA. The sub-county chairman of Olufe sub-county has advised single parents and guardians in Maracha constituency to invest in income generating activities to reduce over-dependence on donors to support the orphaned children.

Mr Pontius Eyotre was speaking over the weekend during the launch of support for at least 150 orphans with scholastic materials.

“Don’t show to the orphans that they are vulnerable, if your partner dies or if you are a guardian of these orphans, give them hope and assurance that you will support their education”, Eyotre stressed.

According to the Member of Parliament for Maracha constituency Mr Denis Lee Oguzu, the program is part of the implementation of his pledges in the campaign manifesto to support most needy orphans to be educated.

Each candidate received a dozen of exercise books, pens, geometrical sets and 20,000 shillings to pay their examinations fees in schools and the number of scholastic materials reduced according to the classes.

Mr Pontius Eyotre 23 04 19Mr Pontius Eyotre hands over the materials to beneficiaries at Olufe sub-county headquarters.

The parents were also given a kilogram of beans and maize for plantation during the function.

Kijomoro sub-county chairman Mr William Matua added that self-reliant parents who provide scholastic materials will make the MPs in West Nile to mobilize resources for general development projects.

“In Kampala, the MPs are not supporting individuals because people there are rich, the MPs there only support community development projects besides their legislative roles”, Matua stressed.

He challenged the beneficiaries of the scholastic materials to work hard in the schools to motivate the donors to mobilize more resources to support the vulnerable children.

He tasked parents to look after the orphans, feed them well and restrict attendance of discos and film shows to allow them to have adequate time to read and concentrate in classrooms.

Mr Lonzino Alitema, campaign manager of Mr Lee Oguzu the MP for Maracha constituency apologized for the irregularities that were caused due to the busy schedule of the MP but was remorseful for the failure to notify the leaders at Oluvu sub-county

He cautioned the guardians to keep the beneficiaries in schools and avoid mismanagement of the twenty thousand shillings and diversion of the items.

“I tell you, if you mismanage these items God will curse you, it is fortunate that we are issuing the items on Good Friday, God will not pardon you”, Alitema stated.

Many of the beneficiaries who were not recommended by their Local Councils (LCs) and MPs agents went disappointed and were told to go back home to follow the selection procedure.

The beneficiaries acknowledged that the support will make them perform better because they were studying with inadequate scholastic materials and the parents say unproductive land in the area hampers them to generate incomes from farming.