MARACHA. Anyivu coordinating centre that monitors schools in the two sub-counties of Tara and Yivu in Maracha district has released a program to brief and equip primary leaving examination (PLE) candidates with examination skills to improve on their performance.

According to the program, candidates in the seventeen schools under the coordinating centre are clustered to receive examination tips from examiners in the five primary schools that include Yivu, Ojapi, Aluma, Okuvu and Kololo.

While briefing the head teachers at Anyivu with modalities to implement the program on Monday, the centre coordinating tutor (CCT) Mr Kwesi Afayoa said he organized the joint briefing because the number of candidates passing in division one in the two sub-counties is low.

“There are certain things only known by examiners and this program will give opportunity to the teachers and the candidates to share ideas with senior examiners to open the minds of the candidates to pass in first grade. I’m proud that the head teachers and other stakeholders are responding positively to the program,” Afayoa remarked.

The excited head teachers agreed to feed their candidates and contribute at least twenty thousand shillings per school to pay the allowances of the four senior examiners so as to facilitate the briefing in the different clusters.

The head teacher of Meki primary school in Yivu sub-county, Ms Stella Abidrabo stated that the program will bring cohesion among the schools to set a joint target in their preparation for the PLE.

The deputy head teacher of Okuvu primary school, Mr Ocitia Angeliko is hopeful that the program will improve performance as it acquaints the candidates with the way Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) questions are answered.

“I would like to witness this program so that I learn how UNEB sets questions because the way teachers who are not examiners set questions does not cover all the areas set by the national examination body,” Ocitia exclaimed.

Eight candidates passed in division one from two schools last year under Anyivu coordinating centre where seven came from Yivu primary school and one from Ombiabura primary school, all from Yivu sub-county while schools in Tara sub-county failed to register any single candidate in grade one.