MARACHA. The head teacher of Maracha Domestic secondary school (SS) which is one of the best performing schools in Maracha district has said that the poor Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) results of 2019 should act as an eyeopener for all schools in the district to work hard.

Mr Joakim Obini noted that the shaming results call for hard work from the management, staffs and students across the district.

“We registered 79 candidates; we have two of them in first grade, 21 candidates in second grade, 39 in third grade and the rest in fourth grade. This has not been one of the best results we have so far got, but we only need to work on the weaknesses and the strengths to improve on the results,” Obini reiterated.

Similarly, Mr. Francis Enzama, the Oleba seed SS director of studies proposed that regular meetings should be organized in schools to constantly asses the progress of the students.

“Four candidates passed in grade one out of 128 candidates in which one is a girl. 22 passed in division two, 37 in division three and 41 in division four. The results are still not good,” Enzama stated.

He, however, noted that no candidate failed out of the 106 candidates whose results were accessed through internet since results of 22 candidates were blocked because of non-completion of school fees and one candidate didn’t sit due to poor health.

Meanwhile the Otravu SS assistant director of studies, Mr Richard Orijabo equally regretted the performance in which four candidates from the school passed in division one.

“This result is generally not good because we got six candidates in division one in the previous year," Mr. Orijabo said.

According to the head teacher of Kijomoro SS, Mr Jacob Ayayi Olunya, only one candidate passed in division one out of the results so far checked.

“We did not get the general results of the 80 candidates. It seems only one passed in division one, we expected at least four candidates in division one but generally the performance was not really good,” Mr. Ayayi remarked.

The Maracha chief administrative officer, Mr Christopher Okumu advised all teachers to start working hard right from day one when schools open on Monday and finish their syllabus in time to improve performance.

In the latest summary of first grades in the UCE results from Maracha district, only 15 candidates passed in division one.