MARACHA. Maracha Resident District Commissioner Mr Simon Lolim (RDC) has raised a red flag over the increasing cases of early girl-child marriage and drug abuse in the district.

Lolim warned that Maracha is bound to lag behind, if parents don’t take charge of their children by sending them to school other than allowing them to marry at a tender age and get involved in life ruining activities.

“Why are you allowing your girls to marry at the age of 13-years and your boys to smoke opium and chew Mairungi instead of sending them to school so that they can come back and develop the district?” Lolim asked.

Lolim raised the concern during the launch of a four-day Entrepreneurship training for 100 women group leaders drawn from all the eight Sub Counties of Maracha district at Maracha Catholic Parish Hall in Lurua Village, Nyadri Sub County on Wednesday.

early marriage 2 400x265A trainer shows women one of the tie-dye product locally made in Arua during the launch of the Skills training in Maracha on WednesdayThe training organized by Rose Ayaka, the Maracha Woman MP was aimed at equipping the women with skills of cloth designing (tie-dye), bar soap manufacturing and Vaseline oil making.

But he used the opportunity to attack the women for not guiding their children on the right path to take for a better future.

“You mothers are the ones spoiling your children. They so much listen to you but you don’t tell them the right things to do,” said Lolim.

“You married at 30-years but you are allowing your child to marry at 13-years. If you felt the pain while giving birth, now imagine how your 13-year old girl will feel the pain,” Lolim added.

Besides, Lolim said boys are all over developing mental illness because of smoking opium and chewing Mairungi yet the use of the two drugs is prohibited in Uganda by the Uganda Drug Act for being unhealthy for human consumption.

The RDC also pointed out that the rate of HIV has gone high in Maracha due to the influence of drugs.

He warned that the district security team is about to start an operation against drug abuse by first destroying Marijuana fields in the district and later, turn to Mairungi after sensitizing the public.

He however, commended Ayaka for the Entrepreneurship Initiative and urged the beneficiaries to make good use of the training by extending the knowledge to their colleagues so as to improve the economic status of the district.

Meanwhile Ayaka noted that in Maracha, women are the key bread winners in families, a reason she organized the training to create an alternative source of income for them.

“With the market in DR Congo and South Sudan, I’m sure, after acquiring the knowledge, the women will be able to sell their products across the border to meet their family and other needs,” Ayaka stated.

Ms Pasqualina Ogavu, one of the participants was optimistic that the training will save them from picking unnecessary loans which have forced many women to flee their homes with others ending up