MARACHA. The construction of an improvised bridge on Odraku valley in Yivu sub-county, Maracha district has relieved the residents of the area from the menace to mobility especially during the rainy season.

Some of the locals we spoke to observed that the bridge made out of local materials like logs and offcuts of timber along Ogerendu community access road will save people from sleeping on the way due to floods.

They said the completion of the bridge has made access to health services, schools and markets so easy for them.

Ms Christine Bako, a resident noted that they started mobilizing themselves to open the community access road using labour intensive technology so as to make sure that the bridge is connected to the main roads on either side.

“We voluntarily helped ourselves to solve this life time problem that the government was unable to fix. We transported logs from the nearby forests to accomplish the task of constructing this bridge and now we are very happy to have it in place,” the excited Bako narrated.

Mr Peter Andeku Otim, the Yivu sub-county chairperson said he realized that the construction of the improvised bridge that took six months was necessary after several people almost drowned while crossing the river whenever it flooded.

“I personally even used to find it hard to cross with my expectant wife to Wadra health centre III but right now, people can cross with motorcycles or even light vehicles,” Otim said.

“I call upon people to keep up their commitment and generosity in contributing local materials for community services for their own benefit,” Otim added.

Ogerendu community access road which connects the main road at Meki hill to Wadra through Abiria trading centre in Okuvu parish is a short cut to Kubala market in Omugo sub-county, Arua district for residents of Nyadri and upper Maracha district.