MOYO. A new finding by Moyo district health department has revealed that 50 percent of the children in the district under 5 years of age are stunted.

Speaking during a meeting at the district headquarters, Mr Michael Adrawa, the assistant district health officer said the stunting is as a result of poor nitration and breastfeeding habit of mothers in the district.

He said over 40% of the working mothers in Moyo district do not want to breastfeed their children exclusively valuing their work more important than children.

Adrawa further revealed that the breastfeeding rate in the district stands at 88% instead of the expected percent.

He said some mothers stop breastfeeding their babies after only one month of giving birth which affects the physical and mental development and growth of the child.

He has appealed to the various institutions in the district to create breastfeeding corners for the mothers to take care of the needs of the baby while at work.

Unexclusive breastfeeding of a child can lead to low development of the brain of the child, health experts say.

This is because the exclusive breastfeeding of a child for six months after delivery helps in the cognitive development of the child with a strong immune system to resist sicknesses.

Mr. Koma Mote, the nutrition officer at Moyo general hospital argued that the six months excessive breastfeeding for brain development of a child has not been observed by many mothers in the district.

Mr. Denis Nsimenta, an official from the ministry of health noted that several mothers today prefer feeding their children on milk or porridge for fear of losing their beauty or body shapes.

But Ms. Joyce Bakita, a mother of two and a resident of Metu Sub County said the challenge of exclusive breastfeeding for some working mothers is fear to expose their breasts in public places while others attributed it to limited breast milk that cannot satisfy the child resulting from poor feeding.

Another mother only identified as Beatrice and a resident of Moyo town council said some mothers believe that breastfeeding a child makes them to grow old and weak and it affects their ability to perform at workplaces.