MOYO. The Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, His Grace John Baptist Odama has warned the people of West Nile and other parts of Uganda against fighting over land, saying the act leads to bloodshed.

While presiding over a mass in Moyo town on Sunday, Odama said parents should be the champions of peace by guiding their children against violent acts that may lead to loss of lives.

He cited the conflict between Ma’di speaking people of Adjumani district and Acholi people of Amuru district over the ownership of Apaa land which he said has so far led to loss of innocent lives.

He noted that recently, a group of 200 people from the affected area camped at United Nations base in Gulu lobbing its commission for human rights to investigate the ongoing cases of human right violation in the disputed Apaa area.

Odama said there is need to seat down as Ugandans to address the rampant land related conflicts in the country that have caused severe pain, loss of hope and lives among the members of the community.

“Our great grand parents did not quarrel over land. Where did we start this quarrel of ours from? Odama asked, adding that we have serious domestic violence cases in our families, rape and defilement cases are all happening in our society.

The Archbishop blamed some of the challenges on irresponsible consumption of alcohol, laziness especially among the youths and drug abuse which he prayed to stop in order to save the future generation.

Meanwhile Mr John Ise, an elder in Moyo sub county, Moyo district attributed the rampant cases of land conflict to ignorance of the law.

He said many people are not well versed with the legal procedures of acquiring land and as a result, they end up buying land which has already been sold.

Chief Richard Opi Andruvu, the XVI of Rendike Chiefdom of Moyo Sub County said a number of land conflict cases between clans and tribes have been registered in his office.

He noted that as a result, his office has strengthened the collaboration between Rendike Chiefdom and Moyo district local government with the aim of resolving the matter.

Opi said in his areas of jurisdiction, a number of people have met their death due to land related conflict because of greed for money.

He called for cooperation from different players in the communities so as to unite in addressing land conflicts to avoid blood shade in the near future.