MOYO. The initial plan to contribute money through different primary schools for the purchase of Moyo district education department bus has been rejected by parents in Obongi County, Moyo district.

The project was an initiative of Moyo district local government through its councilors. It was geared towards the purchase of the bus to help in the transportation of learners for different activities both within and outside the district.

The resolution was passed in 2016 by the district council of Moyo. During the council meeting, it was resolved that each child through their parents, will pay Shs1000 per term for a period of three years.

The money is being collected by the head teachers of each school in the district. Of the 400 million shillings budgeted for the bus, only 130 million shillings has been raised mainly by the parents in West Moyo County.

However, the project has got resistance from parents in Obongi County who argued that it may not be beneficial for their children since Obongi is slated to become a district of its own in July 2019.

Mrs. Zabibu Juma, a parent in Gimara Sub County noted that contributing funds for the project may be wasteful to the people in the area because soon Obongi will be curved out of Moyo district.

Similarly, Mr. Patrick Feku, also a resident of Obongi County said it is a risky venture for the parents in Obongi to contribute for the bus yet their children will not have access to it in the near future.

Ever since, some schools in obongi county have not deposited any single coin in the account that was opened for the bus thus affecting the planned activities of the project.

As a result, some officials from the education department of Moyo who spoke on condition of anonymity blamed the political wing of Obongi County for mobilizing locals against the project.

Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo the Obongi county MPMr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo, the Obongi county MP

Meanwhile Obongi County Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Hassan Kaps Fungaroo tasked Moyo district education officer (DEO) to explain the fate of the contribution made by some schools in Obongi county when it finally becomes a district of its own.

"Are you going to split the bus into two or you are going to refund the money?" Fungaroo asked.

But Mr. Michael Mali, the Moyo district education officer (DEO) said even if Obongi becomes a district next year, there are many other services that the people may need from Moyo district.

He appealed for cooperation from the people of Obongi County for the development of the place.