MOYO. The youth in Moyo district have petitioned the district council over the multimillion youth livelihood program (YLP) which was initiated by the government of Uganda to financially empower the young generation across the Country through provision of soft loans.

During the Council meeting to approve the district budget for 2018/19 financial year on Tuesday, a section of youth leaders in the district tasked the council to allocate 10 million Ugandan shillings under community based services for youth sensitization on the procedures of accessing YLP funds and also conduct trainings on business management skills.

While laying the petition before the council, Mr Emmanuel Bada, the district youth councilor said limited information on YLP has made youths not to pick interest in applying for YLP funds so as to empower themselves.

He said once allocated, the sh10m would help in sensitizing youths on how to apply for YLP funds, the ventures to inject the money in and the process of its reimbursement among other activities.

Bada added that according to social services and community base services report of 2017, the few youth group members who benefited from the funds under YLP ended up embezzling the money thinking that it was a donation from government.

He said most of the youths resorted to abandoning their groups only to run to DR Congo and South Sudan for fear of being arrested.

In this financial year ending June 31, Moyo district allocated UGX 1.358.000 for mobilization and sensitization specifically for radio programs and UGX 3.272.400 for training youth groups on the selected enterprises, the money, Bada said was not enough to effectively carry out the activities.

Martin ChaigaMr Martin Chaiga, the Moyo district Speaker expressing a point on the YLP petition during the council sitting.

But Moyo district local government speaker, Mr Martin Chaiga said the current petition has been presented at wrong time, adding that the best period of discussing the matter would have been during committee meetings not at the final stage of passing the budget.

Chaiga remarked that the budget desk team together with chairperson finance committee, works and social services will sit to discuss the matter and later find a lasting solution to the problem.

Meanwhile the Moyo district deputy chief administrative officer, Mr Geoffrey Vuchiri said the concerns raised by the youth leaders may be considered under the next financial year unless it is approved as unfunded priorities that may get attention after when the district realize some funds in the due course of the budget.

In 2017, several other youth group members under YLP were arrested and detained in police cells by the district leaders for failing to refund the money given to them as a loan under the project.