MOYO. Moyo district education officer (DEO), Mr. Michael Male has blamed the high rate of school dropout and low completion rate in the district on curriculum overload.

He said many subjects are being taught in secondary schools, an act which has proven to be a burden too heavy for many students to carry.

According to Male, there is a high level of school dropout with a low completion rate. He said Madi sub-region has been rated second to Karamoja with a high level of school dropout and low completion rate.

The DEO made the comments during a meeting held in Moyo town on Tuesday.

Male explained the importance of the revised curriculum that aims at building a holistic child with practical skills to suit the interest of the growing population.

He said the new curriculum will address issues of the rampant dropouts and unemployment in the district.

“Our dropout rates in the schools have been high and our completion rate is low, only second to Karamonja. These are physical indications of curriculum overload but now the opportunity has presented itself to offload our burden. I think we are going to be the happiest people,” Male said.

“Our dropout rates will reduce, our completion rates in secondary and tertiary institutions are going to increase because of changes in the curriculum,” Male added.

He strongly urged the implementers of the revised curriculum to embrace it for the common good of the young people in the country.

Moyo district has a dropout rate of 21 percent while the completion rate stands at 30 percent as per the assessment report of 2019 which was conducted by the education department of the district.

Mr. Fabio Kais Ambama, a teacher at Moyo senior secondary school said the old curriculum had created so many dropouts because of the bad examination systems yet the dropouts could still contribute to the development of the country if they were prevented.

“Our curriculum has been examination driven and as a result, the schools in Uganda have been classified as bad schools and bad teachers based on UNEB results,” Ambama said.

“This has created unfair competition among schools and even children. It has made people work under unfavorable conditions. Children who are very young sit in class right from 7:00 am up to sunset which is unfair,” Ambama stressed.

 Mr AmbamaMr Ambama shares the notion that the old curriculum is cumbersome.