MOYO: The state minister for primary health care Dr Joyce Moriku Kanducu has appealed to young people to use adolescent friendly health care facilities and youth friendly connors at health units aimed at promoting adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights.

She said the interventions are in all the health center III, IV and hospitals across the country aimed at preventing the young girls from teenage pregnancies and the boys from engaging in early premarital sex among others.

She was speaking to the media in Moyo town about the impending threat from the coming festive season, Moriku urged parents to control their children to avert any further surge in the already high cases of teenage pregnancies as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We encourage the young people to visit those places, share information and discover things that may benefit them in order to overcome some of the challenges that are affecting them as young persons”, she appealed.

“As government, we have got programs for peer to peer education aimed at disseminating information to the young people in the communities to ensure they achieve their target goals as a team”, she added.

Commenting about the existing policy guidelines, the minister said the government has a number of policies like national comprehensive sexuality education under the ministry of health, adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights including school health policies under the ministry of education which are all still under consultations.

However, Mr Edward Atako, a young person urged the government to formulate policies that are favorable to the young people in order to encourage them and also guide service providers for efficient and effective service delivery.

Moyo district health officer Dr Franklin Iddi noted the need to train all health workers on the management of adolescents’ sexual reproductive health and rights.

He said many times some of the adolescents have been chased by some untrained health workers due to ignorance and the general negative perception of family planning for the adolescents.

Dr FIDr. Franklin Iddi, the Moyo district Health Officer.

Ms Rufina Kinyaa, a teacher in Moyo district said despite the existence of school clubs, the senior women teachers have not done enough to uplift the young girls in terms of giving sexual reproductive health information.

She claimed that young girls in schools prefer listening to the health workers than their senior women teachers in the schools.