MOYO. School administrators in Moyo district have expressed concern over the increasing cases of drug abuse among students in the area.

They are also concerned that some students re-design their uniforms to make them tight on their bodies while others come with mobile phones to school which makes them not concentrate in class.

The headteachers were speaking during a planning meeting ahead of the opening of schools for the first term of 2020 this week.

They attributed some of the indiscipline cases to parents who spend little time with their children to understand who they are and what they are up to.

Mr Simon Waigo, the Principle of St. Andrew’s College Moyo said his school is one of those that have been affected by drug dealers.

He revealed that five students were suspended last year as a result of drug abuse while others were dismissed in relation to drug abuse offenses.

Waigo said students use their phones to coordinate strikes and other illegal activities in the school together with the community around after being intoxicated on drugs.

According to Waigo, teachers do remedies on the students but character formation is the responsibility of the parents as they spend more time together in families.

Mr Fred Ojara, the headteacher Metu secondary school vowed never to entertain students putting on tight clothes commonly known as “kajupa” including short skirts for girls when the new term opens.

He said exposing body parts that are supposed to be covered will not be entertained at all.

According to Ojara, school uniforms are being deliberately reduced by the students as a modern fashion which is against the rules and regulations of the school.

He warned that academics cannot be comprehended with immorality and other indiscipline cases which are a contributing factor to the poor performance of students in the district.

Ms Angelina Marindi, one of the parents attributed indiscipline among students to broken families where children are left on their own, an act she said makes them resort to stealing and other anti-social behaviors.

But Mr Augustine Alu, another parent appealed to headteachers to build a strong network system among themselves such that a student expelled on indiscipline case cannot be admitted in another.