MOYO/OBONGI. Leaders from Moyo and Obongi districts have appealed to Uganda national roads authority (UNRA) to take over the maintenance of some of the roads currently under the respective districts.

The districts are faced with financial challenges that have crippled their capacity to maintain the roads and a consequent lapse in service delivery.

The leaders fear that some of the newly opened roads may become unusable and eventually disappear if an intervention is not made.

“We are expanding the stock and quality of the road networks which we all appreciate but question is with our meager resources in the district, how are we maintaining these roads? Should we stop opening or maintaining these roads such that the roads are no more in the near future?” Mr. Charles Owuma, the Obongi district chief administrative officer (CAO) asked.

He urged UNRA to alternatively increase the district budgets so that the works can be carried at the local government level.

 Obongi CAO

Mr Fadhil Ibrahim Musafir, the acting Engineer Obongi said the district currently has an indicative planning figure (IPF) of UGX191 million.

Mr Charles Baru, the Moyo district secretary of works said the inadequacy of finances has contributed to under performance in the road sector.

Last financial year, Moyo district received only UGX 575 million out of the 689 million approved, officials have expressed worry that the UGX 777 million approved for the current financial year may again not be fully given.

The UGX 777 million if given is expected to include money for sub county access roads, road gangs and funds for maintaining road equipment.

Roads earmarked for takeover by UNRA include Metu-Gbair, Metu-Ayah, Panzala-Laropi-Palorinya and Lefori –kali among others.

Mr Williams Anyama the Moyo district chairman complained that he had made several submissions to the ministry of works and transport about the scope of roads for takeover by UNRA even before the creation of Obongi district and to date nothing has happened.

 Moyo district C