MOYO. Moyo district councillors have appealed a smooth transition of Obongi district from the mother district of Moyo as 1st July 2019 for which Obongi is to become a district approaches.

The appeals were made during an extraordinary council meeting held at the council hall while laying draft budget and work plan for the 2019/20 financial year for the two districts where estimates of shs37.5 and shs17 billion were presented for Moyo and Obongi districts respectively.

There has been bad blood flowing between Obongi County and Moyo district official over management of money transferred to Moyo district beyond 2019 as officials in Obongi argued that Moyo will cease being a refugee-hosting district.

Attempts by Moyo district to make Palorinya Sub County, recently curved out of Itula Sub County in Obongi to remain in Moyo district also failed to materialize.

While addressing the district councillors, speaker of Moyo district council Mr Martin Chaiga said matters concerning Obongi and Moyo should be handled in a correct and mature manner for the benefit of local residents in the two districts.

He said if there were mistakes regarding the administration and management of the activities in Obongi, there should be responsible ministries to handle the grievances.

Ms Lilian Masia, female councillor for Laropi and Dufile sub-counties appealed to her fellows in both districts to continue consulting each other on matters of national and regional importance even if they have divorced for development of Madi subregional.

While Ms Scovia Aletiru female district councillor for Aliba Sub County called for fairness in sharing resources during processes of receiving the district and transferring power to the administrators of the new district.

She noted that what belongs to Obongi should be given to them while those for Moyo should remain to help the people in the district.

Obongi is the second district to be carved out of Moyo, the first one was Adjumani district, also called East Moyo constituency which was curved out of the same district in 1997.

Sources say that the Moyo-Obongi divorce is going to be bitter one as monies, initially meant for the usage of both entities have all been transferred to Obongi leaving Moyo leaders hopeless.