MOYO. The Moyo district female councillors have expressed disappointment over the executive positions announced by Mr Williams Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson.

The aggrieved councillors accused Anyama of leaving them out of the top executive positions announced during a council meeting early this week despite their intellectual incapability to hold the offices.

The reshuffle was meant to fill some of the vacant positions that were created as a result of the creation of Obongi district.

In the reshuffle, Anyama appointed Mr Sam JB Asusi as the new district vice-chairperson and secretary for health replacing Mr Habib Buga Khemis who is now in Obongi district.

Meanwhile, Mr Charles Baru, the district councillor representing Laropi sub-county was appointed the secretary for works, relief and disaster preparedness, a position formerly held by Asusi.

But the new appointments sparked off the fire from a section of the female councillors who said the chairman only considers what they termed as ‘kitchen’ positions for them.

Ms Lillian Masia, the district female councillor representing Laropi and Dufile sub-counties said Mr Anyama has continued to assign ‘kitchen works’ for female councillors in the district.

According to Masia, the 1/3 representation of women that is being emphasized by the government has not been considered by Anyama despite the fact that the government is promoting women emancipation by encouraging affirmative action in favour of women.

She expressed disappointment over Anyama’s decision, saying women can equally articulate issues and make better verdicts in leadership than some of the men in the council.

Ms Maneno Zumura, the district female youth councillor said the government of the current district chairperson doesn’t favour women at all.

Ms Zumura Maneno 07 09 19Ms Zumura Maneno, the district youth councillor stresses a point over the reshuffle.

She said the positions given to women in the district are merely meant to prepare the ground for others to enjoy the cake at the expense of female councillors in the council.

Ms Beatrice Eleyo, the district councillor representing persons with disabilities in Lefori sub-county remarked that the last time a female councillor was appointed as the vice district chairperson was way back during Mr Peter Iku Dollo’s reign, adding that from that time, no single female councillor has assumed the position.

She threatened that if the chairperson cannot revise the appointments, they will not attend council meetings as female councillors in the district since it appears like the women in the council are useless.

However, Mr Anyama said everyone in the council has qualified for any position only that the posts are limited.

Mr Williams Anyama 07 09 19Mr Williams Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson while defending his action.

He noted that the council is being represented by women in the various institutions like the hospital and training colleges in the district which is worth being appreciated.

Anyama said the most important issue at the moment is whether the newly appointed councillors will do their work as expected other than fighting over positions.

Of the 8 district female councillors in Moyo district, only one has been assigned the post of the secretary for refugees and community-based services under the current leadership.