MOYO. Moyo district and Obongi county leaders have disagreed over the proposed allocation of Uganda Support to Municipality Infrastructure Development (USMID) funds to benefit refugee hosting districts.

Officials from Obongi county are unhappy that West Moyo is to benefit from the shs3.6 billion world bank funding yet the area does not host refugees. Obongi is slated to become a district come 1st July 2019.

It all started when the Moyo district chairman Mr Williams Anyama presented a report on the projects to be implemented both in West County and Obongi County under the 2019/2020 financial year.

According to Anyama, the USIMD team visited the two counties where they held meetings with the leaders and asked them to generate project proposals for funding.

He revealed some of the project proposals developed which include; physical plans for Moyo district, Obongi town council, Itula Sub County and Palorinya Sub County, surveying and titling of customary land in Itula Sub County, designing and construction of Itula and Moyo town council main markets.

Others are the rehabilitation of 32-kilometre road in Itula and Lefori sub-counties as well as tarmacking of 3.5 and 2.5-kilometre roads in Obongi and Moyo town councils respectively.

He, however, stated that the project proposals remained subjects for discussion by the stakeholders since there are other projects that need funding for their developments.

Anyama also called for cooperation from the leaders for effective implementation of the projects once they are approved by the funders.

Mr William Anyama 13 03 19Mr William Anyama, the Moyo district chairman

This has however not augured well with the Obongi county Member of Parliament Mr Hassan Kaps Fungarro who said Moyo district should not be at the centre of the implementation of the project.

He argued that come 1st July 2019, Obongi will become a district and the refugees will be in Obongi district which nullifies Moyo as a refugee-hosting district as per the guideline of USIMD project.

According to him, the allocation of 3.6 billion shillings to Moyo district account was wrongly done which should be rechanneled to Obongi district account for the implementation and management of the projects.

Fungarroo, however, added that failure to rechannel the money from Moyo district bank account to Obongi district bank account will result in a legal battle for which he has already instructed his lawyers to take note.

He accused the leaders in Moyo district for failing to cooperate and planning in isolation without involving Obongi people adding that disagreements between the two entities will continue if isolation of Obongi does not stop.

The state minister for primary health care and Moyo district woman Member Of Parliament Dr Joyce Moriku Kanducu, however, called for harmony between Moyo and Obongi saying the issue of refugees should not divide them.

She explained that it took a lot of efforts and interventions of high profile people for refugees to be settled in the district because the district was blackmailed to the extent that Geneva office refused refugees to be settled in the district for unknown reasons.

Moriku expressed fear that the relationship between the two counties may not end peacefully if not addressed with the agency it deserves. She appealed to the leaders in Obongi to allow a smooth transition of Obongi district with continues support and nurturing from Moyo, the mother district.