MOYO. The residents of Choloa West, Choloa East and Turua villages in Lefori sub-county, Moyo district have expressed grave concern over the implementation and mismanagement of funds under the Northern Uganda social action fund (NUSAF III) program in the area.

The locals pointed out the poor installation of culverts along Lefori – Chohwe road link and segregation based on tribalism for one to benefit in the government programs as some of the issues affecting them on ground.

They also accused the community facilitators in the area of extortion.

Speaking during a community dialogue at Masaloa primary school in Lefori Sub County on Wednesday, Ms Amina Chandiru, the secretary of community procurement committee (CPC) said shs100,000 was collected from each community group of Choloa East, West and Turua by community facilitators, promising to reward them with projects.

She further said on 5th January 2020, community facilitators in the names of Mr Jabe Asiki and Mr Henry Aciga demanded shs150, 000 from Mr Julius Adrawa, a group member of Choloa.

Mr Charles Adrawa, the secretary for community monitoring project committee (CMPC) said shs2, 640, 000 for bush clearing during the construction of Lefori-Chohwe road link was not paid despite the work being done by 176 people.

He remarked that each person was entitled to shs1,500 for 54 days totaling to shs14, 256, 000 during the works but was not equally transferred to group savings account.

“The community facilitator (CF) said they will transfer shs8, 810, 000 to group savings account but our big question is what happened to the remaining shs5, 346, 000 and since when has CF become a project manager to this group?” Adrawa asked.

During an interrogation by the inspectorate of government (IGG) before the community members, Mr Henry Aciga, the community facilitator Lefori sub-county admitted that he and his colleague, Asiki Jabe collected shs600,000 from the three groups for account opening and promised to refund the money within one week.

However, he failed to account for the variation of the compulsory savings of the group members.

Mr Kirugi Atwooki, the investigations officer in the office of the IGG Moyo said he is going to ask the office of CAO and LC 5 chairperson Moyo to suspend Aciga from office to path way for investigations into the alleged corruption cases.

He said the accused can jeopardize investigations if they continue to serve in the same office which will make it difficult to attain justice.

Moyo district chairperson Mr Williams Anyama vowed to take disciplinary action through the office of the CAO against the accused persons, saying their acts are unacceptable in efforts to cause social transformation of the communities.

He applauded the community of Lefori for standing against corruption which affects local development and encouraged them not to be intimidated by unscrupulous individuals.