MOYO. Moyo resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Bob William Labeja has ordered for the arrest of Obongi county Member of Parliament (MP) Hassan Kaps Fungaroo over allegations of inciting violence.

Labeja claims that Fungaroo mobilized the locals of Palorinya sub-county to rise against each other, an allegation Fungaroo has completely denied.

Instead, Fungaroo asserts that he was on Saturday attacked by a mob he believes was organized by the RDC and Joyce Moriku, the Moyo district woman MP who also doubles as the state minister of health in charge of primary health care.

He said the youths mainly from Dufile and Laropi in Moyo district waylaid him at Andraa village, about 15km to Ibua village in Palorinya sub-county where he was slated to donate plastic chairs to Ibua women savings and credit cooperative organization (SACCO) group.

Fungaroo said the mob threatened to kill him if he insisted to reach Palorinya sub-county which they claim is part of Moyo, not Obongi district as indicated on the colonial map.

According to Fungaroo, when he found his way to escape, the angry youths later descended on the plastic chairs and destroyed all of them.

Fungaroo said the youths went ahead to smash the windscreen of the Tipper Lorry he had hired to transport the chairs and destroyed its doors before burning houses of locals believed to be supporting the idea of being part of the newly created Obongi district.

Shortly after the scuffle, Mr Stephen Agaba, the Moyo district police commander said police managed to arrest three people whom they found in possession of bows and arrows at the scene.

He added that three other people have been hospitalized after sustaining severe injuries while a total of six houses belonging to the locals who wanted to be part of Obongi were burnt to ashes during the standoff.

But Labeja and Moriku insisted that Fungaroo was the one who mobilized the mob that later turned against him.

As a result, the RDC said he has already ordered for Fungaroo’s arrest to answer charges of inciting violence and causing damage to property.

“Fungaroo should not lie to you. He was the one asking these boys to pick bows and arrows to fight. In the first place, he wouldn’t have gone to Palorinya sub-county because the people there had written a petition seeking to be part of Moyo district, not Obongi,” Moriku said when contacted on phone.

MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo 30 07 19MP Hassan Kaps Fungaroo speaks to journalists during an interview.

However, Fungaroo noted that it is not logical at all to claim that the people he mobilized turned against him to the extent of destroying all the new chairs he had bought for them and on top, threatening to kill him.

“I strongly blame the RDC and my sister Moriku for all what happened in Palorinya because I know they bought booze for these youths to attack me after learning that I was coming to support my people,” Fungaroo said.

Fungaroo observed that he wouldn’t have called the police to come and rescue him if he was the one who mobilized the youths to fight.

He said it is unfortunate that instead of sending police to rescue him, Labeja and Moriku turned around to issue an order for his arrest.

Fungarro said the two leaders including Mr Williams Anyama, the Moyo district chairman have been conducting underground mobilization and engineering the people of Palorinya sub-county to break away from Obongi district so that Moyo continues benefiting from refugee funds targeting the refugees in the area.

Anyama also denied the claims saying during the incident he was out of the district.

But he quickly added that the people of Palorinya are fighting for their right to be part of Moyo.