MOYO. The Authorities in Moyo town council Moyo district are grappling with challenges of garbage management which have increased as a result of failure to secure land for disposal.

Currently the waste generated is collected and managed within the town council area which lacks proper channels and systems.

This follows a refusal by locals in Parego village in Moyo Sub County to offer the land which was acquired by the authority to manage waste due to what they said was unclear procedures used to obtain it.

The Moyo sub-county chairman Mr Daniel Buni said the issue of non-involvement of other stakeholders was the biggest challenge of the authorities of Moyo town council. He said as leaders of Moyo sub-county, they were not engaged in the processes of acquiring the land.

According to him, the exact amount of money that was used to purchase the land has remained unknown because the authorities at the town council are not willing to disclose the exact figure.

While addressing local leaders on Wednesday at the sub county headquarters, he said less than 5 million shillings has reached to the communities.

Mr Emmanuel Bada, a district youth councilor said a lot of politics was played in the process of acquiring the land. He argued that the land was sold by one of the staff of the institution who had obtained it from the communities claiming it was for his personal use only to realize it was for town council to dump waste.

He added there is need for the authority to get rid of wrong elements in the institution if the town is to grow and develop but called for reconciliation between the town authorities and the land lord of the area to settle the matter before garbage management goes out of hand.

Meanwhile Ms Vivian Chota, the town clerk Moyo town council claimed that locals were influenced by some politicians to rise against authority for their personal gain. She said proper procedure was followed and over 5 million shillings was paid.

Chota said it is always a good practice for communities to be supportive in managing the town because the waste generated in the town originates from the villages.

Mr Williams Anyama, Moyo district chairman suggested for a policy change which would see the market tenderer also taking the responsibility of managing garbage to cut cost.

He has appealed to the authorities to borrow a leaf from other towns or districts to compare notes on garbage management to improve the health status of the town.