OBONGI. The new Obongi district and Moyo are locked in beater war over the allocation of refugee money from the Office of the Prime minister.

The conflict, if not checked, may escalate into anarchy and displacement of people especially in Palorinya Sub County in Obongi district.

Early this month, a resident of Palorinya sub-county identified as Mr Ismail Obulejo, a local businessman sustained broken limbs and arms when pro-Moyo residents armed with pangas, bows and arrows attacked him.

“I was coming from Adjumani when these people stopped me, they asked where I belong between Moyo and Obongi, but I told them that ever since I was born, I knew that Palorinya is in Obongi, even small children know this, then they started beating me until then brock my legs and arm, in fact they wanted to kill me, they thought I was dead”, Obulejo said.

Obulejo continued “all the people who inflicted these injuries I know them but I’m surprised that up to now they have not been arrested, even when I was taken to Arua hospital, they wanted to finish me from there”.

Mr Ismail Obulejo 12 08 19Mr Ismail Obulejo nursing his injuries at Obongi health IV. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI.

West Nile Web could not however independently verify some of the claims by Obulejo by press time as investigations into the matter continue.

Leaders in Obongi district say that the bickering escalated when it became apparent that Moyo would no longer receive benefits which come as a result of hosting refugees.

Obulejo is currently being admitted at Obongi health centre IV as he continues to receive treatment for the broken bones.

The Obongi district Police commander Mr Charles Okello pledged his total support to the people of Obongi. He said rescue operations at the time of the attack were made difficult because the district lacked means of transport.

But Gen Moses Ali, the first deputy prime minister told leaders from both sides that refugees should not cause hostilities between the two districts.

Gen Moses Ali 12 08 19Gen Moses Ali addresses journalists at Obongi landing site on Saturday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI.

“To me the reason that we don’t understand the language is irrelevant, that is somebody’s reasoning because these people have been living together, but this issue of refugees who are tomorrow going back should not cause differences and in any case its only the parliament that changes the boundaries”, Gen Moses Ali stated.

His statement came in a response to a petition by Mr Luke Erwaga, a resident of Obongi to the Local government minister in which he wants Palorinya Sub-county, which hosts over 150,000 South Sudanese refugees be reverted back to Moyo district.

Obongi county MP while addressing residents in on Saturday at Obongi town council accused Moyo district chairman Mr Williams Anyama and Dr Joyce Moriku, the state minister for primary health care also Moyo woman MP of creating the tension between the people of the two districts over Palorinya.

He said Mr Anyama was looking for ways of creating a new constituency for him to contest in 2021 and wanted Moyo to continue receiving benefits of a refugee-hosting district.

Fungaroo also revealed that there have been attempts on his life which matter he said had been reported to parliament.

But Moyo district chairman Mr Williams Anyama denied the allegations levelled against them saying they are political creations of Fungaroo.

“The people of Palorinya have written a petition which passed through the Sub County council which also passed through the district council to the minister, does anybody commit any offence to chose where they should belong, its not up to the leaders to chose for the people where to belong, it is the people’s constitutional right”, Anyama said.

He said the most developed districts in the country are not refugee-hosting districts.

“The people of Moyo and Obongi should stop fighting over petty issues, me and Fungaroo should be teaming together to fight over bigger issues like poverty which are affecting our communities”, Anyama said.