MOYO. A police officer attached to Metu Sub-county police station and two other locals on Thursday survived being lynched by an irate mob after they were caught extorting money and merchandise at an illegally raised roadblock along the Laropi-Moyo road.

Lack ran out for the trio on Thursday night when they stopped a lorry at Ubi West village, Laropi sub-county carrying merchandise to Moyo town and threatened to kill the driver if he did not disappear from their site.

But the incident took place as some locals hid and were observing the proceedings from a vantage point.

The locals noticed that the people manning the illegal roadblock were people known to them hence alerting the rest of the village members who angrily descended on them inflicting severe injuries on them.

Mr Matthias Iga, one of the residents said the suspects had cast the name of their village in a bad light.

They were incidentally saved by the same villagers after realizing that severe injuries had been inflicted on them.

The trio has been identified as Michael Wako, the police constable attached to Metu police post, Richard Buni and Kizito Ijjo all residents of Metu sub-county.

Moyo district police commander Mr Stephen Agaba, however, denied that Wako is a serving member of the force though locals claimed he is known and his police uniform bears his name.

Agaba said the uniforms used by the robbers were stolen from the police stores to tarnish the image of the force. He said investigations about the matter were ongoing and the trio will be produced in court once completed.

Moyo resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Williams Komakech commended the locals of Laropi for the lawful actions taken against the suspects.

He said the name of the suspected police officer must be deleted from the police force for acting unlawfully and tarnishing the name of the force.

He appealed to the locals in the district to be alert and conscious of such categories of people if they are to be safe of insecurity indecencies.

The suspects are currently receiving treatment from the Moyo general hospital but police said they will be transferred to the cells once they get better.