MOYO. Local politicians in Madi sub region have asked the government to consider abolishing the automatic promotion policy so as to improve the quality of performance in government schools.

The politicians argued that automatic promotion was political pronouncement by President Yoweri Museveni to win support from parents without analyzing its effect on the education system of the country.

Mr Paul Didi Maiku, the Obongi district chairperson contestant said there is no government policy that promotes failures in the education system of the country.

“A failure is a failure and the room for failure in the classroom is repetition for quality performance in schools. When you fail you have to repeat? In Obongi we cannot accept garbage in order to improve on performance”, Maiku stressed.

Maiku also called for inclusive education to promote academic excellence particularly in Obongi district.

Mr Patrick Tandrupasi, the Adjumani West Member of Parliament (MP) hopeful said the automatic promotion under universal primary education (UPE) is the major cause of failure in schools in the sub region.

He said such promotions have a negative impact on pupils, especially the primary seven (P.7) candidates who compete with other learners in the national examinations.

Tandrupasi added that due to UPE, many of the parents in Madi sub region expect government to provide everything to support the education of their children, an act he said is misleading.

“They have not put much effort to ensure that children perform very well. Our primary school teachers follow exact programs given to them by government other than going extra miles to facilitate the learners to perform better. Even parents are not willing to give extra amounts of money to motivate teachers,” Tandrupasi said.

He urged parents to desist from over relying on UPE program much as it is somehow helpful. He also called on parents to understand the importance of better education for their children other than sending them to schools just to pass time.

However, Mr. Ben Anyama, the Adjumani district chairperson contestant attributed the high rate of failure in schools in the sub region to the prevailing level of poverty among the people in the area.

Anyama noted that there has been low level of community mobilization to understand that good performance in schools is not only the role of teachers but a collective responsibility of every stakeholder.