MOYO. The poor state of roads under the management of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) in Moyo district has been blamed on the constant break down of equipment.

Some of the roads that are in a poor state and need urgent attention include Moyo-Laropi and Moyo-Yumbe roads that have put the lives of travellers at risk.

Mr Gilbert Osmali, the roads maintenance engineer at UNRA Moyo station said the poor state of roads is due to the constant breakdown of machines they use for maintenance.

“On 15th May 2019, we wrote to the district authority requesting for their machines to work on those bad spots but we have not received any response to that effect,” he said.

According to Osmali, the road from Atiak to Omi lading site in Adjumani district and from Laropi to Koboko, Moyo to Yumbe are on their priority list to be maintained in the current financial year.

But Mr Benson Nyiko, a bus driver with Zawandi Bus Company noted that there is a high possibility of getting involved in an accident because of the bad state of the roads.

“On many occasions, we have been blamed by passengers while driving on the rough roads, calling it bad driving when actually the roads are just bad. You can’t dodge the potholes because they are too many,” Nyiko stated.

Nyiko said they have accepted the blame from both travellers and bus owners who accuse them of damaging their buses when in actual sense, the blame should have gone to the government who are supposed to maintain the roads.

Ms Lillian Masia, a female district councillor representing Laropi and Dufile sub-counties in the district council threatened to mobilize masses to demonstrate against UNRA if no immediate action is taken to improve the roads in question.

Masia observed that every day, over 1, 000 lives of people that use the road are at risk. She also blamed the district leaders of Moyo for not taking action when the roads are in a sorry state.

“The leaders who sit in these offices do so on behalf of the people whom they are supposed to serve. They are supposed to use the offices to serve the people better but not like now when they feel like slaves,” Masia stressed.

However, Osmali promised that within a short period of time, the bad spots will be cleared before the project of maintaining the entire road length resumes.
He also explained that the single maintenance station in Gulu which serves Northern Uganda was at times too slow in their services.

But sources in UNRA who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not allowed to speak officially to the press attributed the breakdowns to terrains and the soils in Moyo which are rocky and coupled with poor quality machines deployed by the roads agency.