MOYO. The Moyo resident district commissioner (RDC) Mr Bob William Labeja is in trouble for allegedly undermining Moyo district leaders.

Speaking during the district council meeting held on Thursday, councillors accused Labeja who is also the Moyo district coronavirus disease (COVID-19) task force chairperson of dictatorship and giving military orders for members of the taskforce during meetings.

Mr Sam Asusi, the district vice chairperson and the secretary for health said the RDC has continued to undermine the authority of the district.

He claimed that the statements Labeja issues during COVID-19 meetings are a clear manifestation of dictatorship.

“It is a pity that the authority of this government of Moyo has been undermined by a person sent to represent the President. RDC has made life difficult for us as COVID-19 taskforce members. Even before attending the taskforce meetings, the RDC will make sure our phones are collected at the gate by security officers,” Asusi said.

He observed that Labeja’s action has provoked some technical staff not to attend coronavirus meetings in the district and as a result, he makes decisions alone.

Mr Paul Maiku Didi, the district councilor for people with disabilities called for change in the leadership of the taskforce other than allowing it to operate under one-man committee (the RDC).

According to Maiku, the committee is mandated to work for the common good of the people not for individual interest as it is the case in Moyo.

Similarly, Mr. William Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson alleged that there is misappropriation of COVID-19 donations especially fuel which is solely being managed by the RDC.

Anyama said the challenge is bigger than what is been said since there is no system which has forced people to work just because they have to serve the community.

 Moyo RDC Mr BMoyo RDC Mr Bob William Labeja.

But Mr Martin Chaiga, the Moyo district speaker said there is need for the council to write to the minister responsible complaining about the irregularities in the taskforce.

Chaiga equally noted that the taskforce is not working for the local people but for the interest of the individual members. He blamed the members of the taskforce for being watchdogs of the wrong doer.

However, Mr Labeja rubbished the allegations labelled against him by the councillors, saying the district task force has a secretary who takes minutes of all meetings which council would have relied on other than propagating lies.

“If I’m to dictate, I will only direct on what to do because we don’t get reports from sector departments. I want to educate the councillors that this is a unique activity because we are working by the directive of the President,” Labeja said.

The RCD also denied the allegation of converting COVID-19 fuel donated by partners into cash for his personal use. He instead said the fuel is used according to planned activities after being requisitioned for by drivers.

 Moyo councilorsA section of councilors during the council session.

According to Labeja, Moyo district taskforce is one of the best in the country but because of selfish interest, some people are trying to create mess and confusion in it.

During the meeting, the council approved a total budget of Shs40, 385,193,000 for the financial year (FY) 2020/2021 compared to the running FY budget of Shs33, 713,491,000.

79.7 per cent of the total budget will be funded by central government transfers, 18.6 per cent donor funds while 1.7 per cent through local revenue.

Administration takes 38 per cent of the budget, education 20.5 per cent and health 17.5 per cent among other sectors.