MOYO. The cultural leaders in Moyo district have failed to raise shs3million required to register their cultural institution as a legal entity to implement its activities for the betterment of the local community.

The money was meant to pay the lawyer who has been consulted to draft a constitution to guide the operations of the institution.

According to Mr Daniel Kutolongu, the assistant interim vice chairperson of Madi cultural institution, to date, they have run out of ideas of raising the shs3m required for paying a lawyer to kick start the process of legalizing the institution.

He blamed the problem on what he termed as ‘the love for money and other materials items’ by some cultural leaders in Madi.

Kutolongu said as a result, greed has created a lot of hatred among the cultural leaders to the extent of affecting the process of electing the Paramount Chief of Madi cultural institution since everybody wants to be the head of the institution with the aim of achieving personal gains.

He added that the fight has also been joined by some elders who are not in the line of being cultural leaders in any way.

But instead Mr Deli Ojja Lokeri, an elder accused some politicians in the area of taking sides in the struggle of who should be the Paramount Chief of Madi cultural institution.

Deli said several reconciliatory meetings were held to harmonize the situation but with the ill motive of some politicians, the matter has remained unsolved.

He warned that unless they are left to operate without negative external forces, they will not achieve much in the struggle as Madi cultural institution.

However, Mr David Anyama, the Moyo district community development officer appealed to the cultural leaders in the district to commit themselves to achieving their goals if they are to have the power of ruling and governing the local communities in the district.

Anyama said his office is willingly to help the members of the institution only if they get organized to work as a team.

Mr Williams Anyama, the Moyo district chairperson denied the allegation of some politicians siding with other cultural leaders to weaken the institution, saying it is merely baseless.

Anyama instead said several efforts have been made by politicians in the district to unite the members of the cultural institution in Moyo and Adjumani districts.

He cited recent meetings that were organized by the offices of the district chairpersons of Moyo and Adjumani in trying to bring together the members of the institution which later yielded no tangible results due to the internal bickering among the cultural leaders.

He also blamed the disorganization in the institution on lack of coordination among the traditional leaders.