MOYO. Hundreds of South Sudan refugees living in different settlement camps in Moyo district have expressed willingness to return to their Country if the ongoing conflict comes to a peaceful conclusion.They say that the return of peace in South Sudan is the only hope they have to live a prosperous life.

Speaking to West Nile Web, several refugees argued that despite the loss of property and lives of their relatives, they are ready to return to South Sudan in case, their leaders in the opposition and those in government root for peaceful means of resolving their grievances.

Mr Jackson Godi Alison, a refugee at Palorinya settlement Camp appealed to United Nations to facilitate South Sudan Peace restoration process other than focusing on humanitarian aid alone.

Godi also requested South Sudan leaders in government to come together and unit with the opposition regardless of their political and tribal differences in a bid to bring the fight in the Country to an end.

“Our population as refugees is big and for that reason, the government of Uganda and UN may not adequately avail all the services we need in the Camp. When you look at our class rooms and health centers in the Camps, they are congested because of the big number of learners and other people, who are yearning for the services,” Godi said.

He continued “we lost our sisters and brothers due to preventable diseases and we shall continue to lose more if a long lasting solution is not found to the war in South Sudan. Peace is all what we need in South Sudan,”

Ms Betty Sunday, another refugee said the challenges in the camps have become so unbearable and that if their leaders in South Sudan could agree to signing a peace deal, they are ready and willingly to go back to their homes to start new lives.

Similarly, Justin Keji Ganya urged South Sudan officials to be God fearing people in order to feel the pain of suffering of South Sudanese.

Over 200,000 South Sudanese refugees are being settled in Moyo district. UN and other Humanitarian Agencies are currently, trying their best to support the refugees to live a better life but the decline in donor funding to the UN refugee agency is complicating matters as some critical needs of the asylum seekers are not adequately added.