MOYO. A student of Moyo technical institute in Moyo district fell unconscious and stranded after losing school fees worth UGX560, 000 in gambling commonly known as partier paata.

The incident happened on Thursday evening at Moyo mayor’s garden in Moyo town. He is also said to have lost consciousness for some time after losing the money.

The victim (names withheld), is a first year student of Moyo technical institute and a resident of Adjumani district.

According to eye witnesses, the victim reported to school on Thursday from Adjumani district before losing his school fee in gaming.

He had just reported to school when he decided to reach town for some shopping when he developed appetite to multiply the money with the gamblers.

“He came to me after dropping his mattress in school. We even made fun of a woman who cried after losing UGX150,000 in the same mayor’s garden”, Julious Kawa, a friend to the victim said.

Kawa narrated that after a few minutes, they brought him with swollen face and crying to where he was working only to be told that he gambled all his school fees in partier paata.

“I gave him water to wash his face after recovering and he was taken by his friends to Moyo town secondary school”, Kawa said.

This is not the first time students in the various schools across the district have lost big sums of money under similar circumstances.

In 2018, local residences in Moyo town rioted against the gambling business especially partier paata that forced police to fire tear gas and live ammunition to disperse the crowd after millions of money was lost in the game by the locals.

Mr Anthony Etomet, the principle Moyo technical institute urged parents to desist from giving school fees in the hands of their children to avoid the increasing cases of losing money in gambling by the students.

Mr Anthony EtometMr Anthony Etomet speaks from his office at MTI during the interview.

He said it was not the first time that students of the institution were losing big monies in unproductive ventures which has become order of the day for many.

He said the institution is in a financial crisis due to failure by students to pay the school dues in time to run activities of the school.

Etomet challenged both students and parents to be focused in life to achieve their dreams other than wasting money in gambling business which has no sustainability plan besides coursing financial challenges in their families.