MOYO. Police in Moyo district are investigating an incident in which two children from the same family were kidnapped from their home in Parego East village, Aluru sun county, Moyo district.

The children have been identified as Anyanzo Aaron, 2 years and one-year-old Manzora Tracy who were taken on 14th of September.

Though more details have not been given about the extent of the investigations, police say they are making progress.

According to Mr Frederick Drichi, one of the parents of the children, the incident happened when the suspect visited his home and took the children to her home before disappearing with them to an unknown destination.

“At around 10am on Saturday, this lady came to our home and requested for the children that she was going to stay with them as usual and being my neighbour and a daughter to my paternal uncle, I could not refuse for them to be taken. The motive of the kidnapper is not known”, he said.

She continued “But I’m worried because she moves to different places in the country and nobody knows the reasons for her movement. She has actually befriended almost all the children in the village and whenever she comes home, children are in love with her”.

According to Mr Robert Chaiga, a resident of Ramogi north village, a neibouring village to Parego, the alleged kidnaper was seen bathing the two siblings in one of the streams called Ebekwe and later connected to the main road with them.

Eye witnesses said the suspect and the children were dropped at Laropi ferry landing site to be crossed to Adjumani district.

Information obtained about the suspect reveals that she was once married in Arua but divorced after the death of their only child in the marriage but she has since not married again.

Mr Moses Leku, the Local Council (LC) 1 chairperson of Parego East village confirmed the incident and urged parents to always be keen on the movement of their children. He said the issue was already reported at Moyo central police and efforts were being made to recover them.

Mr Daniel Buni, the LC III chairperson Moyo sub county urged parents never to trust people including their own relatives with their children.

He said such an incident should act like a learning point to parents who often are not bothered about where their children go to play from. This is the first time that such an incident is happening in the area.